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Check-in Time and Traveler No-Show Policy

Taipei (Taoyuan) Airport Minimum Check-in Time Changed to 60 Minutes Prior to Scheduled Departure

  • As of June 15th, 2018, the minimum check-in time at Taipei (Taoyuan) Airport has been changed to 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
  • For travelers on flights departing from Taipei (Taoyuan) Airport who have already made their seat selection, the seats they selected will only be reserved until 80 minutes before departure. If travelers have not checked in by then, we may arrange for them to travel in different seats.
  • Applicable to China Airlines/Mandarin Airlines self-operated flights and flights IT129/CI8609. Not applicable to code-shared flights offered in conjunction with other airlines. (e.g. CI8501 is operated by China Southern Airlines.)
  • To allow ample time for security checks, passport inspections and/or customs processing, please take special note of the check-in time.

Maintaining Ticket Validity of Subsequent Flights After No-Show

  • Starting 1 July 2018, travelers who did not board their flights as booked (no show) will be deemed to have forfeited their seats on subsequent flights, and those seats will be automatically canceled.
  • No-shows include:
    1. Travelers not boarding their booked flights.
    2. Travelers not cancelling their booked seats before flight departure.
    3. Travelers not boarding their booked flights due to last-minute circumstances (or were arranged by other airlines to take a different flight).
  • Travelers who wish to maintain the validity of their tickets for subsequent flights should contact the Customer Service Center or our local branch offices within 24 hours of the departure of the flight on which the no-show occurred to confirm subsequent flights.