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Sydney, Australia's Vibrant and Stylish Metropolis
Sydney is the capital of New South Wales; it also has Australia's highest population density. Before the Europeans discovered the Australian continent, the aborigines had already lived on this land for more than thirty thousand years. In 1788, England started to send its convicts to New South Wales, who built the city's basic infrastructure. After experiencing rapid development and a century of European colonization, Sydney has developed its own unique urban style.
It's common in Australia describe differences between Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide in terms of age: Sydney is a young teenager, full of energy; Melbourne is a 30-something middle-aged person, cool, calm, and collected; and Adelaide is a senior who enjoys a slow and leisurely lifestyle. These statements vividly describe the characteristics of the three cities. And from them, we can get a sense how Sydney is a city bustling with energy and vitality. After visiting Sydney, we're sure that every visitor will have great impressions of the city and lots of happy memories.
Aside from the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, there are many tourist spots located in the city center or outskirts that are worth visiting. In terms of historical landmarks, there is the Sydney Town Hall, Queen Victoria Building, St Andrew's Cathedral, and the Customs House. With respect to arts and culture, there is the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. For visitors who love nature, they can check out Hyde Park, the Royal Botanic Garden, Bondi Beach, or the Three Sisters in Blue Mountains National Park. Afterwards, circle around to Hunter Valley to sample wine made with grapes grown from the good soil and water of Australia. Sydney is a feast for eyes and palate; it's a colorful, charming city full of endless possibilities.
Brisbane, the City of Gold Where the Sun Always Shines
Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and the third most populous city in Australia; it is also a sister city of Kaohsiung. The business climate is slower in the city, and it has the relaxed atmosphere commonly found throughout Queensland. The Brisbane River runs through the entire city, and roads reach out from along the riverbank. Modern high-rise buildings stand side by side in the city center, interspersed with many buildings from the colonial era. Elements of new and old coexisting with nature have created a very unique style for the city of Brisbane.
In the beginning, Brisbane was a place to which convicts were banished; general residents began to move in gradually after the banishments ended. The city began to develop very rapidly. By 1988, Brisbane had reached a new height by hosting the World Exposition. The city's urban planning is comprehensive; its streets are as well organized as a chessboard. Streets in Brisbane were also named via an interesting method; streets that run north to south were given feminine names, while streets that run east-west given masculine names. The city center is not very large, but there are two beautiful parks within it. You can tour the entire city in a single leisurely stroll.
Brisbane is also known for being the gateway to one of the world's top surfing and vacation spots: the Gold Coast. You can reach the world-renowned Gold Coast via a two-hour train ride. Other attractions nearby include Moreton Island, famous for sandboarding; Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island; and the Sunshine Coast, a favorite among the locals. If you head north, you'll find the city of Cairns as well as the Great Barrier Reef waiting for you; wherever you want to get to, it's easy and convenient.
Auckland, the City of Sails
Auckland is the largest city on the North Island of New Zealand. Prior to 1865, it was also the capital on New Zealand, an industrial and commercial center, and a sister city of Taichung. Auckland has the nation's highest population, and for three consecutive years, it has been listed among the world's top 3 most livable cities. The long and narrow bay is perfect for all sorts of water activities. Every summer, sails of all different sizes and colors can be seen on the water, and that is why Auckland is also known as the City of Sails.
The climate is mild and rainy year round, with four distinct seasons, and the temperature ranges from 6 to 28°C for the year. The best time to visit Auckland is between December and March, which is their summer season. The peak temperature usually doesn't exceed 30°C, but the temperature difference from night to day is pretty big, so bring a jacket when you go out at night. Auckland was already inhabited by the Māori as early as 1350. In 1840, the first group of European settlers arrived. In 1841, Captain William Hobson declared Auckland as the capital of New Zealand, which remained in effect until 1865. The city's pace of growth has never slowed, however. During the beginning of the 20th century, Auckland began to develop its light rail and railroad networks, highways, and roads. With over 1,000 square kilometers of area and a sparse population, developing public transportation systems in Auckland proved to be challenging. The entire city is divided into the northern and southern regions. There are over 100 parks, with greenery everywhere. The city's street views consist of modern high-rises interspersed with classical Victorian architecture; with the bay as a backdrop, the amazing scenery will make you speechless.
The Sky Tower is one of Auckland's famous landmarks as well as a popular tourist destination. In the outskirts, well-known attractions include Mission Bay and Mount Eden, a dormant volcano, which are great destinations for outdoor enthusiasts. Of course, a city with booming commercial activity is also a shopper's paradise. Auckland is usually the first stop for people visiting New Zealand, and people are always amazed by the harmonious coexistence between nature and the city. This unique city's charms are waiting for you to come discover them.

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