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A Dream Connecting Nature and HistoryQingdao 
With abundant mountains and seas, Qingdao is a city that possesses both natural resources and historic culture. The endless coastline and European-style castles with red tiling make this city a leisure resort for vacations.  Once occupied by Germany, buildings in the old downtown are full of European style. With its air of romance formed by these exotic buildings and natural seashores, it is no wonder this city has attracted couples from nearby provinces to come and take wedding photos.  Coming into being in the German occupation period, the renowned Qingdao Beer is now a household brand. You can enjoy fresh beer straight from the production line when you visit the Qingdao Beer Museum.

Oriental Pearl That Glitters with Traditional and Modern StylesShanghai
A pearl standing at the point where Huangpu River flows into the sea.  Different peoples of the world have made their mark on Shanghai due to its history of leased territories by world powers.  These historic traces have turned into the characteristics that shape Shanghai today. The aged buildings shine gorgeously, and the Western architectures including baroque, British classicism and Renaissance air are in the spotlight along the Bund.  In Yuyuan Garden, the Chinese traditional buildings in Southern Yangtze style are still charming, attracting visitors with the warm fragrance of Tang Bao, a steamed dumpling.

The First Special Economic Zone in Mainland ChinaShenzhen
Established in 1980 as a result of China's reform and opening-up policy, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone was the first city that brought in foreign business and enterprises. It is one of the most successful cities, continuously creating miracles in business.  Years of development, along with its strong economic base, have enabled this border city of Guangdong Province to rise into a modern prosperous metropolis that boasts great public facilities and a pleasant living environment.  In this new and rising Shenzhen, you will see incessant innovation even in its tourism resources.  In addition to the major scenic spots such as Windows of the World, Splendid China Folk Village and East Overseas Chinese Town, high-rise buildings and commercial centers are seen on every street, making Shenzhen a significant shopping center for domestic and foreign tourists.


Closest City to TaiwanXiamen

Situated in Fujian Province, Xiamen is a mainland city close to Taiwan, with a dozen or so passenger liners shuttling back and forth every day.  Xiamen was one of the first batch of China's special economic zones when the Community Party of China announced its reform and opening-up policy. It pursues a beautiful cityscape while embracing rapid economic growth, having banned motorcycles to significantly improve its traffic order.  The tourism industry in Xiamen and its surrounding areas has been booming in the past few years. Visitors to Gulangyu Island, South Potalaka Monastery, Tiger Stream Rock or Jimei School Village will easily sense a leisurely and cozy atmosphere.  Xiamen is also the gate to Mount Wuyi and Hakka Earth Buildings, which were listed by UNESCO as world heritage sites. Mount Wuyi has been famous for its "Red Mountain and Green Water" since ancient times, and was praised as the "Best Rare and Beautiful Scene in Southeast China". Fujian's earth buildings are a mysterious treasure among resident settlements, recording the history of Minnan, in southern Fujian.

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