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DAIDOGEI World Cup in Shizuoka

The city is your stage, and Shizuoka is the dream city of Asian street performing arts. Since 1992, under the concept of "On Stage Shizuoka", Every year, Shizuoka hosts a four-day DAIDOGEI World Cup in Shizuoka (DWCS). DAIDOGEI is meaning street performing art in Japanese.

As DWCS's performance quality and scale increase year by year, more than 1.5 million visitors participate in the event every year.

It is one of the festivals of street performance theaters with Asian indicators and has attracted worldwide attention.

When the international and Japanese art performers show the highest level of skill, the audience’s waves of joy and laughter fill the city. Just like being in a happy and dreamy time and space, the joyful mood can't be forgotten for a long time.

The audience and art performers transformed the city into a non-daily stage. This is a unique experience that can only be felt in the "DWCS DAIDOGEI World Cup in Shizuoka". You are welcome to participate in this event.


Date:November 1 - November 4 2019
Venue:Shizuoka City Sunpu Castle Park, Shizuoka City People's Culture Center, various parts of the city area, Suruga Ward Satellite, Shimizu Ward Satellite
Sponsorship:DAIDOGEI WORLD CUP Executive Committee
Website: https://daidogei.com/en/ (English)

Video: https://youtu.be/eeI00lE4OUA



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