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All mileage accumulated in 2016 will be expired in 2019

Đã phát hành: Thg1 04, 2019

Please be noted that all mileage has a validity of 36 months from travel date or mileage transferred-in date from non-airline partners .The date of mileage accumulation, redemption and expiration will be based on Taipei Local Time, and the operation of expiration will be executed at midnight Taipei Local Time on the 1st date of each month. For example, the mileage accumulated on May 08, 2016 will expire on June 01, 2019 Taipei Local Time. The mileage accumulated on August 31, 2016 will expire on September 01, 2019 Taipei Local Time.

You may log in Dynasty Flyer Services or contact Member Service Hotline for the details of your mileage. Please use your mileage at your earliest convenience lest it go expired.

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