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60th Anniversary, Business Award Ticket Promotion II

In December of this year, China Airlines will mark its 60th anniversary. To thank China Airlines’ Dynasty members can redeem their miles at a discounted rate for business class award tickets between Taiwan and Hong Kong, Seoul(Incheon), Okinawa, or Osaka from 01 Jun 2019 until 31 October 2019. We invite our Dynasty Members to share in China Airlines’ anniversary celebration. Please see the summary of the promotion below:

  1. Promotion Rules:
    • The promotion can only be redeemed in person via CI website Dynasty Member.
    • Members should check that they have sufficient mileage in their account.
    • Online service is available for Award Ticket redemption on China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines self-operated flights departing 3 hours prior to the flight departure.
    • Please note: Due to the catering preparation and transportation time needed, meal service will not be available if the reservation is made within 12 hours prior to flight departure time.
    • The promotion is not available for Award Ticket redeemed by transferred award.
    • The promotion is not available for child member who is under 12 years old.

  2. Promotional Period:
    Effective from 01 Jun 2019 to 31 Oct 2019.

  3. Ticket Validity:
    For travel on/after 01 Sep 2019 to 30 Nov 2019. Full journey must be completed before 30 Nov 2019.

  4. Applicable Routes & Ticket Award Levels: 
    • TPE(Taoyuan)/ KHH ↹ HKG/SEL(ICN)/OKA/KIX round trip ticket.
    • Booking class is O.
    • 26,000 miles for HKG route and 36,000 miles for ICN/OKA/KIX
      Applicable Routes & Ticket Award Levels
      Award TypeBooking ClassPromotional Award Levels
      TPE/KHH ↹ HKG
      A Business Round Trip Ticket
      O26,000 miles
      A Business Round Trip Ticket
      O36,000 miles

  5. Refunding or Re-routing of the Award Ticket:
    • Re-routing of Promotional Award Ticket is not permitted after ticket issuance.
    • Refunding of the Award Ticket is not permitted after the commencement of travel. To receive a refund of an total unused Award Ticket is not available via CI website, please contact with CI branch office for further service.
    • The remaining ticketing regulations will be the same as normal redemption tickets.

  6. Members (Ticket holders) are responsible for all taxes and other mandatory charges related to Award Tickets.
  7. You may check the confirmation letter or to log into CI website Dynasty Member-Online Redemption-Award and Transferred Award Details for the Award Ticket redeem record.
  8. Working hours of China Airlines' check-in counters and the time to prepare for boarding will vary from airport to airport. We advise you to check in at least 3 hours prior to flight departure.
  9. China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines reserve the right to limit or adjust the amount of passenger award ticket subject to the status of booking on each flight. The redeem award seats may not be available on some flight or at some period even if seats are available for paid tickets.
  10. Please log in Member Service, select Online Redemption-Award Tickets- 60th Anniversary Promotion II