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Code-Shared Flights

Partner Carriers' Regulations

China Airlines makes every effort to provide the best services during our code-shared flights. We also recognize the quality of services provided by our partner carriers. If you have any doubt about extended service, baggage, or other fees charged by our partner carriers, please refer to the following regulations regarding code-shared flights:

Code-Share Airlines

Code-Share Airlines

Significant Carrier

The Most Significant Carrier (for Trips Involving Interlink Baggage Regulations)

The Most Significant Carrier (MSC) is:

  • For travel between  IATA areas: The first carrier flying in between two of the  IATA areas
  • For travel between IATA sub areas: The first carrier flying in between the sub areas.
  • For travel within the same IATA sub area: The first carrier crossing an international border
The Most Significant Carrier (MSC)
IATA AreaSub Area
North America, Central and South America, HawaiiU.S., Canada, Mexico
Central America
South America
Europe, Middle EastEurope
Middle East
Asia, Guam, Southwest PacificJapan,Korea
Southeast Asia
South Asian Subcontinent
Southwest Pacific
Regulations for Code-Shared Flights
Regulations for Code-Shared Flights
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