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European Air Transport Hub–Frankfurt
Frankfurt is Germany's hub of air and railway transportation, with world-leading passenger capacity and freight volume at its airports. With the endless stream of travelers for commerce, local traffic is very convenient, and so are the routes to other European cities out of Germany.  This is also the first stop in Germany for flights from Taiwan. Its busy and convenient transportation network will surely impress visitors. As the transportation hub in Europe, Frankfurt is naturally built up as the world's financial center. It is also the city that has the densest skyscrapers in the country and its book fairs and auto shows are also on the biggest in scale in the world.  Although the first impression of Frankfurt is the hustle and bustle of business, and businesspeople may stay in the exhibition center all day, as a visitor, you are not bound by those meetings and numbers. Just take a walk out of the high-rise buildings for one or two blocks, and you will be surprised to discover a very different Frankfurt.  The Romerberg is surrounded by quaint historic buildings. The River Main flows gently with people rowing small boats on it. Museumsufer holds collections of artistic treasures through hundreds of years. Take a seat at the street of Alt Sachsenhausen and order the acclaimed local cider wine: you may well forget that you are indeed in the busy international metropolis!
City of Eternity–Rome 
Because of religions, artists, and rule by power, Rome, a city of eternity, has left with humankind immortal humanity assets.  Ever since its establishment in the eighth century BC, Rome has been basking in the glory of empires, popes and artistic buildings. Whichever historic stage it was in, or whatever Italy was called, Rome has always remained the capital, and so for more than 2,000 years it has been the hub of politics, economics, culture and transportation in Italy.  Rome is surrounded by ancient walls, and the Tiber River divides it into east and west banks which are linked by over 20 bridges. Most major relics and scenic spots are scattered throughout seven hills on the east bank.  On the west bank lies the Vatican, a state inside the city and the tiniest yet most powerful kingdom in the world. Situated in the downtown area of Rome, the Vatican allows people to easily walk into it without a passport or visa. It is not only a holy land for Catholics, but also a heaven for art lovers. The Vatican's museums are significant among the global large-scale museums.  The wonders of Rome will only become clear once you stand in this city and experience the feelings it inspires. An ancient capital where stone columns and statues towering over it, Rome will tell you by itself that it is one of the greatest cities in the world.









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