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Combining Tradition and Innovation

With a population of 13 million people, Tokyo, the country's capital and biggest city, overshadows all other cities in the country in terms of politics, economy, transportation and culture. It is the window of Japan and also the epicenter of Asian fashion.  Tokyo has multiple characteristics, and there is always something new to be discovered in its ever-changing busy downtown. From Shinjuku and Shibuya where popular items are sold, to Akihabar where distinctive cultures are exported, to Ginza where international brands are found, and to Roppongi where most Japanese designs and fashions originate, these districts compete to display their best attractions.  While continuously looking for innovation, Tokyo also carefully preserves its historic traces. You are thrown into a different time and space when you walk down the antique Edo streets of Shitamachi. Whether in Asakusa, Yanesen or Kagurazaka, it is reminiscent of the old days and the air gives off a sense of elegance and leisure.  Travelers will be catered for to the fullest extent by the city's fashionable items, food, art galleries, amusement parks, antique streets, old temples, traditional cuisine and thriving subcultures. 

A City that Guides the Kansai Subculture – Osaka

Osaka people are bold and generous. They are proud of the grandeur of Osaka Castle, the spiritual symbol of Osaka.  Since ancient times, Osaka has been the economic power in the Kansai area, and it is also where cultures converge. Active Osaka businessmen have brought property in the city and at the same time it has absorbed different cultures, resulting in diversified food which rewards Osaka the name of "Kansai Kitchen." In particular, fried octopus, Okonomi-yaki, stretched noodles, sushi, Udon noodles and Tecchiri in Dotonbori are well-known tasty foods.  As well as the delicious food worshiped by visitors, busy Shinsaibashi, Dunton Street and Namba boast a complete range of shopping and entertainment venues. All shops are characterized by eye-catching signboards, such as the big electronic crab for KA NI HON KE and the food puppets, which draw customers with their color and huge size. Typically, around Ebisubashi, the neon light signboards hung on building walls along the river blaze with colors at night, making this a well-known landmark in Dotonbori and a most typical night scene in Osaka.  

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