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Security Policy


Promoting the Integrated Aviation Management System (iAMS)

China Airlines' quality policy is "safety first, customer-oriented, teamwork, and pursuit of excellence." Safety is the primary consideration in all aspects of work. During flights, ground operations, cabin operations, public security operations, airfreights, and ground service, the related operation units shall have the necessary mechanisms to ensure safe operation. Each operator shall understand and fulfill his or her safety responsibilities. Each employee ensures safety in every aspect so that China Airlines has a sound, safety-oriented culture and becomes a trustworthy airline company moving towards success. To achieve its vision, China Airlines introduces the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) latest security management concept, integrates the Integrated Aviation Management System (iAMS), and implements the spirit of systematic risk management in the safety, quality assurance, risk management, and public security systems, covering units such as flight operation, repair, aircraft maintenance quality control, air service, contact management, ground service, passenger transport, airfreight, human resource, administrative service, and finance. In order to establish a good safety-oriented culture, during iAMS promotion, supervisors and employees in all relevant units shall understand and bear safety responsibilities, implement the responsibilities to routine operations in the risk management mode and output files in text, and hold safety as the primary consideration during routine operation. All China Airlines personnel shall make joint efforts to maintain China Airlines' emphasis on safety and create maximum value for shareholders and society.

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