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Buddy Bears Livery Kaohsiung - Kumamoto

Buddy Bears are coming!
About friendship, adventure, and wonderful memories, China Airlines provides Buddy Bear livery, Kumamon, OhBear, and Hero, and travel with you to Kaohsiung and Kumamoto. Let’s play!



Flight route & flight timetable

Flight route & flight timetable Buddy Bear Livery has launched on 26th of May, 2017. China Airlines provides three shifts a week between Kaohsiung and Komamoto.

TUE, FRI, SUN Daily 3
CI 198Kaohsiung - Kumamoto13:30/16:50
CI 199Kumamoto - Kaohsiung17:50/19:40

Appearance of Buddy Bear Livery

The left pink patterns represent by the symbols of the gorgeous cherry blossoms in Kyushu Japan , the 400 years heritage, Kumamoto castle and famous Mount Aso.
The right green patterns represent by the Taiwan Spring scenery with the landmark of Kaohsiung and ecological Purple Crow Butterflies.


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Cabin supplies

Buddy Bear Livery releases limited edition three bears cabin supplies, including paper cups, pillows, pokers, wet wipes, kids toys, and recycle bag.


Buddy Bear Livery products

China Airlines sells Buddy Bear Livery 1:130 scale flight models on-board.