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Award Ticket (3,000 points off) Promo

Data pubblicazione: set 18, 2017

In order to encourage China Airlines members to make use of the CI website online service, we will launch an award ticket promotion starting from today. All award reservations made through CI website will receive a discount of 3,000 miles credited to the reservation for round trip tickets and 1,500 miles for one way tickets. The tickets will only be valid for a maximum of 6 months from the date of departure. Please see the summary of the promotion below:
A. Promotion Rules :
  1. The promotion can only be redeemed in person via CI website Dynasty Member-Online Redemption-Award Tickets-Free Ticket Awards (6 months).
  2. Online service is available for Award Ticket redemption on China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines self-operated flights departing 3 hours prior to the flight departure.
    Please note: Due to the catering preparation and transportation time needed, meal service will not be available if the reservation is made within 12 hours prior to flight departure time.
  3. The promotion is not available for Award Ticket redeemed by transferred award.
  4. Members should check that they have sufficient mileage in their account.
B. Promotional Period :  Effective from today. (Effective from 29MAR23, this promotion of award tickets issuing via CI website will be terminated. )
C. Ticket Award Levels :
  1. Booking Class: Economy Class (RBD-X/CLS) / Premium Economy Class (RBD-Z/CLS) / (Premium) Business Class (RBD-O/CLS).
  2. China Airlines reserve the right to limit or adjust the number of award ticket availability subject to the status of booking on each flight. The award ticket seats may not be available, even if seats are available for paid tickets.
  3. Award Levels :
    Award Levels
    Award TypeBooking ClassShort HaulLong Haul
    * Between any two points in Asia (including Guam and Delhi)
    * Cross-strait schedule flights
    * Australia - New Zealand
    * Between Asia (excluding Guam) and North America/Europe/Australia/New Zealand
    * Between Tokyo and Hawaii
    6 Months Around6 Months Around
    A Round-Trip Award TicketEconomy ClassX32,000107,000
    Premium Economy ClassZ37,000117,000
    Business/Premium Business ClassO47,000147,000
    A One-Way Award TicketEconomy ClassX19,50064,500
    Premium Economy ClassZ22,50070,500
    Business/Premium Business ClassO28,50088,500

    Notes: This award ticket is not valid for online-transferred award.
D. Notification :
  1. Members can only redeem tickets for destinations that offer electronic ticketing.
  2. The travel route of the Award Tickets is only available for one segment at a time and not available for transits, stopovers, and may not be extended.
  3. Flight number starting with 7, 8 or 9 (eg. 7123/9123/8013) is not applicable for online award redemption.
  4. For Domestic route on AE flights shall not be available to redeem the tickets.
E. Ticket Validity : Award Ticket is valid for 6 months after the ticket has been issued, unless specified otherwise in certain types of Award Tickets. The full journey must be completed within the ticket validity period. Refunding or re-routing of the Award ticket is not permitted after the ticket has been issued.
F. Refunding or Re-routing of the Award Ticket :
  1. Refunding or re-routing of the Award ticket is not permitted after the ticket has been issued. 
  2. To refund a totally unused award ticket, a handling fee of TWD1,500 (or the equivalent amount in local currency) will be charged. The owner of the award number cannot issue a new award ticket after the award ticket refunded. In the case of regaining miles, miles still valid on the refund date will be returned to the nominator's account from which the miles were deducted for the award number.
  3. To refund a partially unused award ticket, which means a new award ticket cannot be issued and miles cannot be returned, only unused tax will be returned.
  4. Please refer to the Award Ticket Redemption Procedures for futher information about award ticket rules.
G. Members (Ticket holders) are responsible for all taxes and other mandatory charges related to Award Tickets.
H. You may check the confirmation letter or to log into CI website Dynasty Member-Online Redemption-Award and Transferred Award Details for the Award Ticket redeem record.
I. Working hours of China Airlines' check-in counters and the time to prepare for boarding will vary from airport to airport. We advise you to check in at least 3 hours prior to flight departure.