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SkyTeam Partner Upgrade Awards

SkyTeam Upgrade Awards

SkyTeam Upgrade Awards

DFP members may use their accumulated mileage to redeem upgrade awards for traveling on SkyTeam partner airlines to enjoy higher-quality travel services. (Some SkyTeam partner airlines not provide this service yet. Please read the following notes before award redemption.)

Due to system restriction, on/after March 19, 2016, SkyTeam Upgrade Award service is suspended. (Below notes are still valid for passengers who have already redeemed Skyteam Upgrade Awards before March 18, 2016)

Applicable Scope

Applicable Scope

  1. DFP Members may use their mileage to redeem upgrade awards on the international flights operated by SkyTeam partner airlines, including Air France (AF), AeroMexico (AM), China Southern (CZ), Delta Air Lines (DL), Korean Air (KE), KLM (KL), Czech CSA (OK) and Aeroflot (SU). The flight must be marketed and operated by the same SkyTeam carrier.
  2. Upgrade awards are not allowed for SkyTeam domestic flights and code-shared flights.
  3. Upgrade awards are not permitted on the embargo periods of each SkyTeam partner airlines.
  4. To redeem upgrade awards, members should purchase the specified types of economy class tickets which should be e-tickets issued by SkyTeam partner airlines.

Applicable Scope
Eligible classYYYYYYY / MS / YY / W / O
Upgrade booking classOII/PR/OZOIOD

Special Notes

  • AM has changed the upgrade booking class to I for flights departing on and after Oct 1, 2013.
  • AF/KL have changed the upgrade booking class to O for flights departing on and after May 1, 2013.
  • DL has changed the upgrade booking class of business class and first class to O (three-class cabin service) and R (two-class cabin service) respectively for flights departing on and after February 9, 2013.
Redemption Level

Redemption Level

  • The redemption levels are based on the ticket point mileage (TPM) listed below.
  • For example, a member flying with Korean Air from Seoul to Amsterdam would like to upgrade from economy class to business class. The TPM of this sector is 5,439 and it requires 30,000 miles for the member to upgrade the cabin class.

Redemption Level
TPM800 and less801-20002001-30003001-55005501-8000Over 8000
Economy class to business class/first class12,00015,00020,00030,00040,00050,000
Upgrade Award Reservation

Upgrade Award Reservation

Members who need to redeem upgrade awards on SkyTeam flights should contact China Airlines reservation center to make upgrade bookings of the intended flight
Ticket Reissue

Ticket Reissue

  1. Once the upgrade sector is confirmed, members should complete the ticket reissue procedures at least 5 working days prior to the flight departure. Request for reissuing an upgrade ticket is not accepted at the airport.
  2. The upgrade ticket of SkyTeam flights could be reissued only after members confirmed booking.
  3. The upgrade award ticketing period is subject to the rules of each SkyTeam partner airlines.
  4. The required mileage will be deducted at the time of reissuing an upgrade ticket.

Ticket Validity Period
The validity period of the reissued upgrade ticket is the same as that of the original ticket.

Ticket Change
  1. Members should contact China Airlines reservation center for changes (travel date or flight number or sector) to the reissued upgrade ticket.
  2. Once an upgraded ticket has been reissued, members may still cancel the confrimed upgrade award prior to flight departure. After confirming the change of changing back to the original economy class booking, we will reissue the ticket again, this time as economy class. TWD 3,000 (or USD 100 equivalent in local currency) will be charged as the handling fee. Valid mileage will be refunded.
  3. To refund a ticket reissued with an upgrade award, members should contact the re-issuing airlines. Refund handling charges will be collected according to the ticketing rules.
Points to Note

Points to Note

  1. SkyTeam upgrade awards can be used only on the cabin class that is one level higher than economy class, which may be business class or first class.
  2. SkyTeam upgrade awards allow using China Airlines DFP mileage for upgrade on China Airlines sector and another SkyTeam partner's sector in an itinerary. However, it is not allowed to use China Airlines DFP mileage for upgrade on two or more different SkyTeam partners' sectors in an itinerary at the same time.
  3. When redeeming a SkyTeam upgrade award, members must follow the order of their flights. If members have redeemed other SkyTeam partners' upgrade award, they must complete this upgrade sector before redeeming an upgrade award reservation for the next itinerary with China Airlines' member mileage.
  4. If a member changes voluntarily the itinerary after an upgrade ticket is reissued, the upgraded seat will not be reserved and the miles used for the upgrade will not be refunded.

China Airlines / Mandarin Airlines Upgrade Awards

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