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Adjustment for Dynasty Flyer Membership Benefits and Regulation

Published: Apr 09, 2018

Effective from July 1st, 2018, Dynasty Flyer membership benefits and weighted trip accrual regulation will be adjusted as below. We suggest you read carefully to fully enjoy membership benefits:
1. Increased Renewal Gift Mileage
Gift mileage credited to Paragon and Emerald members reaching renewal qualification will be increased for more choice of award redemption. On membership renewal date, Paragon members will receive 60,000 miles and Emerald members will receive 25,000 miles!
2. Adjustment for Weighted Trip Accrual Regulation
For flights between Taiwan and Hong Kong departing since July 1st, 2018, weighted trip counts for N-class ticket will be adjusted to 0.5; mileage accrual ratio remains 50%. For flights departing before July 1st, 2018, weighted trip counts for N-class ticket still remain 1.
3. China Airlines / Mandarin Airlines Weighted Trips Minimum Requirement for Membership Renewal
In order to renew membership tier, Paragon, Emerald and Gold members are required to accumulate at least 6 weighted trips from China Airlines / Mandarin Airlines self-operated scheduled international flights. 
Once again, thanks for joining Dynasty Flyer Program and we look forward to seeing you on board soon. If you have further inquiries, please feel free to contact our nearest customer service center.