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Pre-ordering Special Meals Notice

Published: Feb 14, 2018

In order to provide excellent service to our customers, China Airlines offers pre-ordering special meals for travelers with religious or health dietary needs as well as vegetarian travelers, children and infants. You may order from China Airlines website - book - click on the "Seat / Special Assistance", enter name and reservation number for pre-ordering special meal. Please select a meal from China Airlines Special Meal listing 24 hours before flight departure and feel free to contact China Airlines local reservation office, we will do our best to make arrangement for you.
China Airlines currently offers 20 kinds of special meals (please click here for details), you can contact our local reservations or customer service hotline to remark your special meal needs (choose one from 20 kinds) in your membership data. To save your valuable time, you may make your booking with your membership card number each time and your special meal options will automatically be included in the booking record.
China Airlines provides a special meal limited to official website announcement and does not provide the specified meals, ingredients, brands. If you have special food taboos and special medical needs of the meal not provided in the 20 kinds of special meals, you may contact nearest China Airlines local office for assistance to ensure the correct content of the special meal. China Airlines needs to confirm with local catering service providers if they can accept the special meal request and the pre-ordering of special meal not provided in the 20 kinds is not guaranteed. If you previously had special meal needs in your membership data and not same as the 20 kinds of meals provided by China Airlines, the information will not be automatically brought into the booking record. Please be sure to contact our local reservations or customer service hotline for inquiry when you make reservation each time.
Thank you again for your continued support and patronage with us. It's our pleasure to serve our members as honorable guests and we look forward to seeing you soon! If you have further inquiries, please feel free to contact our nearest customer service center.