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SkyTeam Partners

SkyTeam Partners

  1. DFP Members can accumulate mileage and trips by taking the applicable flights of SkyTeam partner airlines in addition to the scheduled international flights operated by China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines. The accumulated mileage and trips can be used for membership advancement or renewal.
  2. Minimum TPM applies to flights of Air France, KLM, Czech Airlines, Aeromexico, Kenya Airways and China Eastern Airlines. The miles DFP members can actually accrue for a sector will still be the product of Minimum TPM and credited percentage of ticket class.
  3. SkyTeam flights are only available for mileage accrual. Please click here for more information.   

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Other aviation partners

Other Airlines

  • Hawaiian Airlines Mileage accumulation Cooperation 
    Click here for details. 

  • Virgin America (VX)
    Effective from 26 October, 2014 DFP members are applicable for mileage accumulation on CI/VX codeshare flights. The booking should be under CI flight number.   

  • Japan Airlines (JL) 
    Effective from 01 July, 2014 DFP members are applicable for mileage accumulation on CI/JL codeshare flights when booking is made under CI flight number.
    Please contact the nearest customer service center or branch office to claim mileage with your boarding pass. The applicable flights are as below :
    1. From TSA (Sung Shan) to HND (Haneda) Flight Number:CI9220/CI9222 
    2. From HND (Haneda) to TSA (Sung Shan) Flight Number:CI9221/CI9223
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