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Check in Taiwan

Just a tiny spot on the map,
Taiwan an island country filled with various cultures, special delicacies as well as wonderful landscapes.
Each fascinating attraction is so close, just a blink away.
Check in Taiwan, and start the journey of your lifetime, now!



Stepping into Dihua Street, the most historical block in Taipei, you will be surrounded by Minnan buildings and western style buildings. Some sell retro bamboo-made equipments, and others sell snacks and dried goods. The street is immersed in a historical atmosphere. If you visit here during traditional Chinese New Year period, Dihua Street becomes a bustling Lunar New Year street where is full of cries of sellers and greetings to each other with excitement and happiness.

Following that, take the MRT to Longshan Temple which was built in the Chin Dynasty with a history of nearly 300 years. There are lots of exquisite wood carving, stone carving, and painting on the wall. Moreover, there is the one and only bronze pillar in Taiwan at antetemple, where you’ll be able to enjoy the refine carving techniques. Besides, there are also different deities, no matter what you are seeking for: better fortune of career, romantic or peace, Longshan Temple is always a must-go place for you.

If you wish to go for a casual trip with an art and culture theme, you can take the MRT to Huashan 1914 Creative Park which used to be a winery. There are varieties of exhibitions and music performances scheduled every month. There are also flea market and creatives market during the weekends. If you are tired from a long walk, there are lots of cafés in the park where travelers can take a break and chat with friends.

The most fascinating cultural attraction is National Palace Museum. When you get off the bus, the most well established museum in Taiwan which filled with all kinds of treasures of Chinese culture stands in front of your eyes. There are more than 700 thousand artworks and artifacts. The representative piece of the collections must be the Jade Cabbage. It’s just a must-see.


By taking MRT red line or green line, you can come to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Station, where there is a popular braised pork rice restaurant just next to Nanmen Market. The must-try dish is the signature braised pork rice. Enjoy the balanced savory flavor with a bowl of port soup, which is just a traditional delight at its height. After this traditional meal, go inside the market to see those long-running vendors, you can buy meats, ham, northern rice dumpling or southern rice dumpling from them too.

How can you miss the dessert after the meal, while you are in Taiwan, “the kingdom of fruit”? Take a MRT to Dongmen station and go to Yongkang Street and have a bowl of mango snow ice. A generous portion of freshly diced Taiwanese mango is put on top of the snow ice with a drizzle of special mango sauce. It looks mouth-watering and no one can resist it.

Want to try more varieties of snacks? You can take the MRT to Tamsui station and walk along the river side, Tamsui Old Street of Taipei and taste the local food, Tamsui Agei. These ageis are stuffed with mung bean noodles and sealed off with fish paste.

To Taste the wonderfulness of Taiwanese food doesn’t stop even during the night. Take the MRT to Jiantan station where the Shilin night market just next to it, and start your food journey in the biggest Night Market in Taipei. Have an extra-large fried chicken steak or order a plate of oyster omelet and share it with your mates. Don’t forget to check in on FB or instagram and share with your friends.


From the mountain to the sea, Taiwan is rich in its natural landscapes. Come to the mountain of Taipei and visit the mountain town Jiufen to experience the quintessential historical vibe, and taste all kinds of traditional delicacies, including handmade sweet taro balls, fish ball soup, herbal cake with sliced radish and tea snacks. You can also go to the nearby Jinguashi, climb Teapot Mountain, to enjoy the beautiful north coast views.

After filling up your lungs with the cool mountain air, take a bus to the coast of Taipei, Yeliu, to feel the sea breeze. There are many special geological formations caused by wind and sea erosion to observe. The most famous of attraction is a natural feature called “the Queen Head”which is elegantly standing on the sea-shore and greeting every traveler who comes here to pay her a visit.

Another way of enjoying the trip is taking advantage of what the nature could offer. Take the MRT to Beitou, where there are a lot of volcanic hot springs , you’ll find an array of hot spring houses, open-air or in private bath booths. Not only relieves fatigue, the hot spring water also nourishes your skin. After the relaxing bath, you must have a hot spring egg themed-meal to complete the full on indulgence of your body and soul.

Taipei is a basin which surrounded by mountain. If you want to take a walk during the night, just take the MRT to Xiangshan station, climb Xiangshan, one of the hills of the Sishou Hills and overlooking the bustling nightscape of the capital. The nearby Taipei 101 Building displays stunning fireworks every year on New Year’s Eve. As the fireworks blooming in the night sky, we say goodbye to the past year and welcome a new year with all the good hopes and wishes.

Taichung / Tainan

Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Taiwan. The shape of the east side of Sun Moon Lake is like a sun and the west side is like a moon. It’s where the name Sun Moon Lake comes from. The tranquil scenery which constituted by mountains and water looks just like a painting. You can be a part of it when you get on a boat and sail to the center of the lake. Or ride a bicycle to go around the lake, or even on-board a cable-car to have a birds-eye view of the Sun Moon Lake.

Hehuan Mountain
Hehuan Mountain is listed as one of the Taiwan Centuple Mountains , has its unique charm throughout the year in difference seasons. In spring, summer and autumn, you’ll see all kinds of rare flowers and plants. And in winter, it’s the best destination for snow scene. The mountain trails are the best place for you to enjoy the open view, and experience the exuberant liveliness that Hehuan Mountain offers.

Alishan in Chiayi is abundant in the rainfall, as a result, the forests are dense and as green as they can be, and there are the magnificent groups of the Divine Trees. Take a walk to breath in the natural phytoncide, escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can take Alishan train too, shuttle through this live-museum in a natural backdrop, even watch the classic Alishan sunrise, the magnificent sea of clouds and it’s sunset.
Chimei Museum
The Chi Mei Museum, took a stunning NT $ 1.5 billion to build, and it owns the most rich collection among all the private museums in Taiwan. Western arts are the main attractions here, and the collections are divided into four major categories: art, musical instruments, weapons and natural history. While enjoying the delicious food of Tainan, it is worth the visit to have a taste of humanities and arts.

Chihkan Tower
Chihkan Tower was built by Dutch in Taiwan in 1653. The walls are bonded by sugar blended with glutinous rice juice and clamshell ash. After 300 years and several dynasties, it still stands in the center of Tainan. It feels like stepping into a time machine, going back in time to see what the past was like.

Qigu Salt Mountain
Qigu Salt Mountain got its name from the scenery where the salt is piled up as small mountains. Qigu is the largest industrial salt producing district in Taiwan, and it is developed into "Taiwan Salt Museum Cultural Park" to preserve the three hundred years of salt culture in Taiwan. Once you visit the park, you can climb the salt mountains, taste salt popsicles in different flavors, to experience the unique Taiwanese salt culture.

Kaohsiung / Others

Cijin is a small Island, but colorful in its own way. Tianhou Temple in Miaoqian Road, with 300 years history, is the first temple in the Kaohsiung City. It is a third-level monument and the seafood street is where you can enjoy fresh seafood. In the afternoon, you can visit Cijin beach, take a look at the sunset and dip your feet in the sea water.

Siziwan is an attraction famous for its sunset scenery. Apart from the beautiful sunset, the lights of fishing boats start to blink in the sea as night falls, which is a nice spot for lovers on a date. There are other attractions nearby, including National Sun Yat-sen University and Siziwan Beach where you can feel the youthful vibe in tropical surroundings.

The British Consulate at Takow
The British consulate at Takow was formerly the Customs and Excise Department of the United Kingdom Customs. It is currently Taiwan's surviving western modern architecture with the longest history. Tourists come here for amazing sunset views because it’s facing Kaohsiung Harbor and located high on a hills, close to a steep cliff. You can also walk to the south of the ancient trail, to take in the natural beauty of the place.
It’s the most southern spot of Taiwan and has got a very special surroundings, apart from the coral reef coast, Kenting has a variety of natural and cultural attractions, such as the sunset off Guanshan and Chuhuo Special Scenic Area, the Syuhai Grassland, Marine Museum, Hengchun Old Town, Kenting National Park land ecological protection zone. You can enjoy all kinds of excitements along with a laid-back atmosphere of the beach. It’s a year-round tourist destination for people from all over the world.

Xiao Liu Qiu is the only coral reef island in Taiwan, and it’s easy to reach by ferries from Kaohsiung, it has a variety of terrain, such as the coral reef rocks along the coast, cliffs, some sandy beaches and a variety of biological species such as sea turtles. You can not only choose to rent a motobike here for sightseeing, but also go diving, to enjoy the view from underwater.

Taroko National Park
The canyon cliff terrains of Taroko are made by the intensive orogeny and crustal movements of the earth. The significant features canyon cliffs, towering terrain and bizarre shapes of the mountains, which built up a breath-taking natural environment to fascinate everyone. You can go deep into the National Park to visit the mountain trails, Jiuqu Dong Trail and the slot canyon, to explore the natural charm of the landscapes. The area also offers camping grounds for you to immerse yourself in nature.

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