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Travel comfortably with Deutsche Bahn (DB) whether you are visiting any city in Germany or to Frankfurt & Amsterdam Schiphol airport from any DB railway station in Germany to connect your flight with China Airlines. The Rail&Fly services can be booked through China Airlines website, with your travel agency or China Airlines offices. Please note that the Rail&Fly ticket must be purchased jointly in combination with an international flight ticket.
To book your flight with Rail&Fly on China Airlines website, please select “QYG” or “German Rail” as the city. QYG is a generic name for all train stations in Germany. To pick-up DB ticket, please select the actual train station, number and departure time when you check-in on DB website.

Rail&Fly includes the rail journey:

  • You may take ICE/IC/EC trains at choice of DB for your land journey, but, not valid on chartered/special services and services operated by regional transport authorities with non-DB tariffs. Please mind the annotations when searching for connections.
  • The train schedule can only be reserved in connection with your China Airlines flight, valid on the day or day before of flight departure, and, on the day or day after of flight arrival.
  • Visit DB website (www.Bahn.de) to book the actual departure/arrival time displayed on the ticket purchase platform, as your Rail&Fly boarding pass does not reflect the actual train schedules.

Your Rail&Fly Boarding pass:

  • Rail&Fly train reservation is valid 72 hours prior to your flight departure/arrival. You may pick it up by print@home or save it on smart-phone. Please visit https://www.rail-checkin.com/#/step1 to check in by entering your flight ticket name and number or booking reference.
  • The check-in platform is also equipped with seat reservation at an extra charge. Visit https://www.bahn.com/en/view/offers/other/seat-reservation.shtml to make a reservation, which requires to check-in in advance as well.
  • Please show your Rail&Fly ticket, a photo ID or passport and e-ticket while boarding on DB.
  • No change or refund of DB ticket is allowed once it is checked-in. Passenger is responsible for arriving at the airport in time. We would recommend you to choose a connection of DB that allows you to arrive at the airport two hours before flight departure. China Airlines is not liable for passenger who misses flight with train delay.