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Rail & Fly

Rail & Fly

Travel comfortably with Deutsche Bahn whether you are visiting any city in Germany or to Frankfurt & Amsterdam Schiphol airport from any DB railway station in Germany to catch your flight with China Airlines. The rail & fly service can be booked with any long haul flight on our website, in your travel agency or via our China Airlines office. Please note that the Rail & Fly ticket cannot be booked later. Rail & Fly tickets can only be booked in combination with an international flight ticket.
If you wish to book your flight in combination with Rail & Fly on our website, please select “QYG” or “German Rail” as the departure city.

Rail & Fly includes the rail journey:

  • an open ticket from/to any of the 5,600+ railway stations in Germany to/from Frankfurt Airport
  • on all trains (including ICE)
  • valid on the day of departure from Frankfurt airport (and the day before), the day of arrival at Frankfurt airport and the following day.

Your Rail & Fly Boarding pass:

The Rail & Fly ticket has to be printed or downloaded prior to departure with DB. Starting 72 hours prior to your departure, you can access the website https://www.rail-checkin.com/#/step1 and pick up your train ticket (Rail & Fly Boarding Pass).

Please enter your name and booking code or flight ticket number. You can print the boarding pass or download it on your mobile phone to present it onboard the train.

The check-in platform is also equipped with the possibility for an optional seat reservation at an extra charge. Should you not be able to check-in online for your journey, you can find DB self-service terminals at Frankfurt and Dusseldorf Airport and at major German central stations. At these terminals it is also possible to check-in and print the boarding pass.

The Rail & Fly Boarding Pass is valid for travel between the booked airport and any German DB station. The trip must be made on a direct route using DB trains only. DB time table can be obtained via travel agents, DB Travel Centers or online using the DB Navigator App or www.bahn.com. Travelers are advised to be at the airport latest two hours before the check-in counters close.

More information for Rail&Fly travelers