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Check in Taiwan

On the map, Taiwan is an island country,
but it is blessed with great culture, awesome food, and beautiful nature landscape, offering you an all-around diverse travel experience.
The best part is, all the awesome experiences are easily accessible, just a short trip away! 

Visit Taiwan now, and embark on your very own Ilha Formosa adventure!

Spectacular Experiences within Easy Reach in Taipei

The Cultural Experience

Walk in to Dihua Street, the oldest street in Taipei, and you will find yourself in the presence of a row of old Minnan and Western style buildings. Strolling around on this street is like a taking a walk into the past. You will see stores selling woven bamboo utensils that were widely used in the past, while others offer a variety of traditional dried goods for sale. If you visit during the Chinese New Year holidays, you will find yourself in a bustling street filled with the sound of merchants hawking traditional goods for the Chinese New Year, along with people shopping and wishing each other Happy New Year. It is truly a jolly, festive scene.

You can then take the metro to Longshan Temple, which was built nearly 300 years ago, and lay your eyes on the temple’s exquisite wooden carvings, stone sculptures, and paintings. In the front hall of the temple, you can find the one-and-only, not to mention exquisitely sculpted, cast bronze dragon pillar in Taiwan. There are many deities worshiped in the temple - whether it is your career, love you want to ask about, or a blessing of safety and wellness you seek, the temple has you covered.

For a relaxed cultural excursion, you can also take the metro to the Huashan 1914 Creative Park. A brewery in the past, the park now hosts numerous exhibitions and concerts of various sizes every month. It also hosts flea and art markets on most weekends, making it a must-visit destination for treasure hunting aficionados. If you need a break after so much walking, there are many cafés in the park where you can sit, rest, and chat about art.

As interesting as that is, the most incredible cultural experience, however, would be a visit to the National Palace Museum. Take the city bus to the museum, and you will find Taiwan's largest museum standing in front of you. With a collection of nearly 700,000 pieces of art and cultural artifacts, the rare and precious pieces the National Palace Museum houses are the best representation of thousands of years of Chinese culture. The Jadeite Cabbage with Insects, the museum's most treasured piece, is a masterpiece not to be missed.

The Gastronomic Experience

Take the red or green line on the metro, get off at the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall station, and Nanmen Market is right next to the metro station. Be sure to visit the foodie hotspot there, the braised pork rice shop. The most popular dishes are braised pork rice and thick meat soup. Every mouthful is deliciously and authentically local! After having a bite to eat, you can visit some of the market's oldest stalls that sell hams, meats and leaf-wrapped rice dumplings of various styles.

Dubbed the "Land of Fruits", Taiwan offers an abundance of fruits. Visiting Yongkang Street by the Dongmen metro station to enjoy a delicious dessert after your meal. The famous mango snow ice found there is made with an entire mango, and features fresh mango pieces over finely shaved ice, topped with the shop's special mango sauce. Sweet yet refreshing, this dessert is as good as it looks.

Want something different to nibble on? Take the metro to Tamsui station, and take a stoll in the Tamsui Old Street. Order yourself a traditional Tamsui Ah-Gei, which is brown tofu stuffed with stir-fried mung bean noodles. Delicate in size, but delightful in taste, this is certainly a snack to try. The Old Street is also home to some traditional pastry shops. Bring some Taiwanese specialty pastries back to your family and friends for a taste of Taiwan.

The choices of food are just as plentiful in the evening. Get off at Jiantan Station and stop by the Shilin Night Market for a gastronomic adventure in Taipei's largest tourist night market. Order an extra large fried chicken cutlet for yourself, or a traditional Taiwanese oyster omelet to share with your friends. While you're enjoying the food, don't forget to take pictures and share your exciting food experiences with your family and friends!

The Natural Experience

From majestic mountains to grand ocean views, Taiwan has no shortage of beautiful natural landscape. Visit the historical mountain town of Jiufen just outside of Taipei, and enjoy traditional snacks such as handmade taro ball soup, fish ball soup, caozaiguo (herbal rice cake with sliced radish stuffing), and traditional tea refreshments. You can then visit the adjacent town of Jinguashi, hike up Teapot Mountain, and feast your eyes on the glorious view of Taiwan's beautiful northern coast.

After enjoying some fresh air on the mountains, you can take a bus to Yehliu Geopark, a popular coastal destination near Taipei. The Geopark has many unique rock formations created by wind and sea erosion. Famous ones include the Mushroom Rock, the Sea Candles, and the iconic Queen's Head. The Queen's Head is a rock shaped like the head a beautiful and noble queen, and every visitor takes a picture with her.

You can also enjoy nature in a more relaxed fashion. Take the metro to Beitou, an area renowned for hot springs formed from volcanic activity, and take a dip in the public springs, or visit one of the private baths. Bathing in the hot springs not only relieves fatigue, the minerals in the water is also good for the skin. A peaceful relaxing soak and some eggs cooked with water from the hot springs will keep both your body and mind content.

The Taipei basin is surrounded by mountains, so if you want to go for a walk at night, take the metro to Xiangshan station, and walk up to the top of the Elephant Mountain to enjoy a incredible view overlooking the city at night. Within close proximity of the Taipei 101, the Elephant Mountain is the go-to place to view the annual Taipei 101 firework and light show on New Year's Eve. The fireworks blossoming in the sky represent the coming of bright new year.

Spectacular Experiences in Taichung & Tainan

Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon Lake is the largest fresh water lake in Taiwan. Named after its shape, the lake is shaped like the sun on the east side and the crescent moon on the west side. It is where mountains meet water to form a beautiful idyllic scene. Take a canoe out on the lake and lose yourself in the embrace of the stunning mountain and lake landscape. You can also try your hand at biking around the lake, or taking a cable car to see the lake from a bird's-eye view.

Hehuan Mountain
Hehuan Mountain, one of Taiwan's most famous mountains, is blessed with unique location and geography, and its charms changes by season. From spring to autumn, Hehuan Mountain is decorated by the blooms of rare plants. In the winter, it is transformed into Taiwan's best place for fun in the snow. The mountain's hiking paths offer an expansive view of the surrounding regions, and lets you experience the vibrant flora and fauna of the mountain up close.

The abundant rainfall of Chiayi's Alishan has gifted it with lush forests. Some of the trees are over 3,000 years old and considered sacred. Take a stroll in the woods and forget about busy life in the cities for a while. Let the fragrance of the trees wash away your worries. Hop on a train on the Alishan Forest Railway to travel through this sanctum created by Mother Nature, and let it take you to see the renowned sunrise, the breathtaking view of a sea of clouds by day, and the sunset glow in the late afternoon.
Chimei Museum
Costing over 1.5 billion NTD, the Chimei Museum is a private museum and art gallery. It boasts the largest privately-owned collection in Taiwan. The museum's main collection focuses on Western art, with exhibits covering the fields of art, musical instruments, weapons, and natural history. After enjoying Tainan's delicacies, let your eyes feast on the museum's marvelous art collection.

Chihkan Tower
Built in 1653 during the Dutch occupation, the walls were built by using mortar made from a mixuture of sugar water, glutinous rice water, and crushed oyster shells. 300 years and many eras later, the building still stands resolutely in downtown Tainan. The stately building is a testament to time, and takes all visitors for a trip back in time.

Qigu Salt Mountain
With heaps of harvested salt, its obvious how the Salt Mountain received its name. The Salt Mountain is the largest source of industrial salt in Taiwan. In recent years, this location has established itself as a tourist attraction, and is now known as the “Taiwan Salt Museum Cultural Park”. The museum not only keeps records of more than 3 centuries worth of Taiwan's salt industry history, but also offers visitors a chance to climb an actual salt hill. This is the place to go if you want to experience Taiwan's unique salt culture while enjoying different kinds of salt-flavored popsicles.

Spectacular Experiences within Easy Reach in Kaohsiung & Other Areas

Qijin is small, but the dazzling array of experiences it offers more than makes up for its size. The Mazu Temple located on Miaoqian Road in Qijin is over 300 years old and is Kaohsiung City's first Mazu temple. It is currently a Level Three historical site. The seafood restaurants on Qijin Old Street offer great seafood dishes made from the catch of the day. In the afternoon, visit Qijin beach to enjoy the waves and the sunset.


Sizihwan is renowned for its beautiful sunsets. With stunning sunsets in the afternoon, and twinkling lights from fishing boats in the evening, it is a romantic spot and popular location for dates. While at Sizihwan, you can walk to National Sun Yat-Sen University and Sizihwan beach for an experience full of youthful energy and tropical scenery.

The British Consulate at Takao
The British Consulate at Takao used to be a British Revenue and Customs institution and is the oldest of all the buildings built by western powers that are still standing in Taiwan. Built on a cliff, the Consulate overlooks the Kaohsiung Harbor. Its elevated location makes it a popular destination for viewing the sunset. You can also take a walk on an old path on the south side of the Consulate to enjoy beautiful nature scenery.
Located on the southern tip of Taiwan, the Kenting area is blessed with diverse natural features and cultural attractions. With offerings like coral reefs, Guanshan sunset, Chuhuo natural fire (eternal flame), Syuhai Grasslands, National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium, Hengchun historical town, Kenting National Park, and gorgeous beaches, Kenting is a popular destination for visitors from Taiwan and abroad all year round.

Xiao Liuqiu
A boat ride away from Kaohsiung, Xiao Liuqiu is Taiwan’s one-and-only coral atoll. Xiao Liuqiu boasts a variety of geographical features, ranging from coral reef rocks in unusual shapes and cliffs, to beautiful beaches by the shore. It is also home to sea turtles and many other kinds of animals. Once you arrive at Xiao Liuqiu, you can rent a scooter to see all the different sights on the island, and explore the local waters through scuba diving.

Taroko National Park
Created by convergence of the Earth’s tectonic plates, the deep gorges, soaring cliffs and unusual rock formations of Taroko are the products of rigorous orogeny activities. Breathtaking and majestic, Taroko is a place you must visit. You can take a walk on the various hiking trails that extend deep inside the national park, or visit the Tunnel of Nine Turns and narrow slot gorges to gaze in awe upon this amazing work of nature. The national park features a camping area for those who can't get enough of what nature has to offer.

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