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Gold Card Member The following benefits apply only to China Airlines' and Mandarin Airlines' self-operated flights, and not to code-shared flights operated by other airlines. Please provide your membership card number upon booking to enjoy member exclusive benefits.

* For more details, please refer to the following "Relevant Regulations"

Member Privileges

  • Additional Miles *
  1. Birthday Gift Miles : China Airlines offers extra bonus of 2,000 miles as a birthday gift for Gold card members who travel with revenue tickets on self-operated international flight of China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines during the month period of their birthdays.
  2. Incentive Miles : Gold members receive 15% incentive miles when taking flights marketed and operated by China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines.

Member Privileges - Relevant Regulation


  • Customer Service Hotline
    At certain branch offices, China Airlines provide Gold members an exclusive service hotline for reservation and fax. Please log in your account to check the number on Manage My Account page.

  • Reservation Wait List Priority *
    If Gold members (excluding companions) would like to book a flight already full, they can be listed in the priority reservation wait list. When there are available seats present, members' reservation will be confirmed according to ticket class and membership tiers.

  • Domestic Ticket Discount
    Gold members may enjoy a 10% discount of published fare for Mandarin Airlines domestic tickets at Mandarin Airlines website or designated ticket counter.

  • Seat Selection *
  1. After tickets are purchased, please visit web site MANAGE - Seat/ Special Assistance, or log in Member service - Travel Services - Booking Records to select seat online. Seat selection is available via Online Check-in 48 hours before flight departure.
  2. Gold member and may enjoy select Standard seats for free. Please check Fare Family for further information.

Reservation - Relevant Regulation

Airport Priority

  • Airport Courteous Reception
    Exclusive check-in counters and benefits of priority boarding are available at airports for Gold members.

  • Extra Baggage Allowance *
    Gold members may enjoy 1 piece extra baggage allowance.

  • Priority Baggage Handling *
    When taking on self-operated international flight of China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines, Gold members can enjoy priority handling service for their baggage.

  • Airport VIP Lounge Access *
    Gold members, when taking a self-operated international flight of China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines, can use VIP lounge. (regardless of whether it is self-operated)

Airport Priority - Relevant Regulation

Other Benefits

  • Earn Miles *
  1. Members who take self-operated international flights of China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines or other partner airlines and use applicable tickets can accumulate miles for each scheduled flight.
  2. When using the services or products of our partners, such as credit card consumption, hotel accommodation and car rental, members can also accumulate miles (please refer to Partnership Mileage Program.)

  • Discounts on In-flight Duty-free Goods *
  1. All DFP members can pre-order duty free items with miles on China Airlines e-Shopping web-site.
  2. Please refer to China Airlines e-Shopping website for monthly discounts of in-flight purchase discount for Gold members.

Other Benefits
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