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Update for Membership Benefits of Paragon and Emerald Members

Published: Nov 01, 2021

For a better travel experience, China Airlines has been dedicated to providing our members with various and usable membership benefits. As an appreciation to our members’ loyalty, we have updated the membership benefits for Paragon and Emerald members, which will be effective from November 1st, 2021. Details are as below:

  1. Free Seat Selection for Paragon and Emerald Members’ Companions
    Companions traveling together with Paragon and Emerald members can also enjoy free seat selection! Please follow guidelines below for this service:
    • Companions should reserve in the same reservation record with Paragon and Emerald members, and tickets should be issued for both parties.
    • Please contact our customer service centers or branch offices for application from the next day of ticket issuance. China Airlines official website and airport counters are not available for this service.
    • Companions who hold group tickets or tickets of other airlines are not eligible for this service.
    • This service does not include Extra Comfort seats.
    • If companions purchase tickets which are eligible for free seat selection, or they are willing to choose a seat with charges, restrictions stated above will not apply.
    • If you are a companion of Paragon and Emerald members and qualify for aforementioned free seat selection, seat selection fee paid on/before October 31st, 2021 can be refunded. Please contact ticketing counter at our branch offices for refund.

  2. Over Counter Service Charge Exemption for Paragon and Emerald Members
    Upon ticket re-issuance at our ticketing office or customer service center on the phone, the over counter service charge of TWD1,500/USD50 or the equivalent amount with local currency is exempted for Paragon and Emerald Members (tickets number initiating with 297/803 originally issued by travel agencies). However, re-issuance service charge may still be collected according to the fare family rule of your original ticket.

  3. Eligible Ticket Class Update for Emerald Members of Companion Cabin Upgrade at Airport
    Original eligible ticket class for Emerald members are J/W/U on long-haul flights and J/C/W/U on short-haul flights. This difference is hereby canceled and J/C/W/U are now eligible classes for both long and short-haul flights. The other regulations remain unchanged. You may refer to Membership Benefits for more details.