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New Regulation For China Airlines/Mandarin Airlines Mileage And Weighted Trip Accrual And New Benefits

Published: Mar 15, 2019

To show our gratitude for long-time support from all Dynasty Flyer Program members, since April 1st, 2019, new regulation for China Airlines/Mandarin Airlines mileage and weighted trip accrual and brand-new Benefits will be effective. Fly with us more to get more!
  1. Easier Membership Upgrade And Renewal – new accrual scheme for China Airlines/Mandarin Airlines mileage and weighted trip
    For flights departing since April 1st, 2019, new accrual chart below will be applied. We welcome all members to experience our exquisite service in Premium Business class, Business class and Premium Economy class, and enjoy quicker and easier membership upgrade and renewal. For flights departing before April 1st, 2019, please refer to How to Earn Miles.

    Accrual Chart
    Cabin classFare FamilyBooking classMileage Accrual PercentageExample: Taipei - Los AngelesWeighted Trip
    Business / Premium Business ClassFlexJActual mileage x 175%11,8672
    StandardCActual mileage x 150%10,1722
    BasicDActual mileage x 125%8,4761.75
    Premium Economy ClassFlexW/UActual mileage x 125%8,4761.5
    StandardAActual mileage x 115%7,7981.25
    BasicEActual mileage x 100%6,7811
    Economy ClassFlexY/B/MActual mileage x 100%6,7811
    StandardK/V/TActual mileage x 80%5,4251
    BasicR/Q/H/NActual mileage x 50%3,3910.75
    BasicN (Between Taiwan and Hong Kong)Actual mileage x 50%-0.5
    DiscountLActual mileage x 0%00

  2. Incentive Mileage Accrual Fast and More – applicable for both Emerald and Gold members and even higher accrual percentage for Paragon members
    When flying China Airlines/Mandarin Airlines scheduled international flights departing since April 1st, 2019, both Emerald and Gold members will be applicable to accrue 25% and 15% of flown mileage as incentive mileage respectively; for Paragon members, the accrual percentage will be adjusted to 30%! We are sure to provide wider choices and faster award redemption experience.
    *Incentive mileage is not applicable for code-shared flights and flights operated by other SkyTeam members, and will not be counted for membership upgrade and renewal.

  3. Even Better For The Most Precious – two upgrade awards for renewed Paragon members
    Effective from April 1st , 2019, two cabin upgrade awards will be credited to Paragon members reaching renewal qualification on membership renewal date. Usage, validity and regulation are the same as Paragon members' Upgrade Welcome Offer and still transferrable to other members in nominee list. Your continuous patronage and support deserve our exclusive and better benefit.
We welcome our members to fly China Airlines/Mandarin Airlines frequently to enjoy all of our benefits. It's our pleasure to serve our members as honorable guests and we look forward to seeing you on board with us! If you have further inquiries, please feel free to contact our nearest customer service center.