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  • Definition: infants are defined as being under 2 years old (on the boarding date).
  • Newborn infants, who are more than 14 days old and accompanied by adults, can travel on our company’s flights.
  • If an infant travels with an adult and does not occupy a seat, the infant will be charged the infant fare.
  • If one adult travels with two infants, one child fare ticket must be purchased for an occupied seat. The infant must sit in a safety seat.  Please refer to the Child Safety Seat below for more instructions about the specifications and the usage of the safety seat.


A child passenger refers to a child who is at least 2 years old and under 12 years old. They shall purchase a child fare ticket and must be accompanied by adults.  Passengers who are over the age of 12 must purchase an adult fare ticket.

  • Standards for Using Child Safety Seats:
  1. The accompanying adult passenger’s seat must be next to the safety seat.
  2. The safety seat must be fastened by the seat's safety belt for the duration of the trip. 
  3. If the passenger using the safety seat is less than 20 lb (9 kg), then the safety seat should be fastened facing the tail of the airplane. If the passenger using the safety seat is 20 - 40 lb (9 -18 kg), then the safety seat should be fastened facing the nose of the airplane.
  4. Children who weigh more than 40 lb cannot use safety seats.
  • Company-Approved Specifications for Child Safety Seats
  1. Safety seats meeting the U.S National Manufacturing Standard. They shall be attached with a certification label showing that it is applicable for riding ground transportation and flight vehicles.
  2. Safety seats manufactured in Canada: all have been tested and verified and are not required to have a certification label attached.
  3. Safety seats manufactured in other countries: shall be attached with a national qualified safety standard label or indicate on the label that this child safety seat is manufactured in accordance with U.N. standards.
  • Specifications for Child Safety Belt Usage 
  1. applicable to children who are 2 - 4 years old.
  2. Weight: 22 - 44 lb (10 - 20 kg)
  3. Height: under 100 cm (40 in)


Unaccompanied Minors

China Airlines provides services for unaccompanied minors so you can rest assured when your child has to travel alone.  These services are provided to young passengers whose ages are between 5 years old and 12 years old and who are traveling without parents or guardians who are at least 18 years old.

  • Parents or legal guardians must sign theConsent & Release for Carriage of Unaccompanied Minors in order to apply for unaccompanied minor services.
  • Service charges for unaccompanied minors vary based on age and unaccompanied minors are always charged adult fares. Booking for unaccompanied minors must be made at least 72 hours prior to departure.
  • Please note: 
    1. Unaccompanied minors shall not be accepted for travel in business classes.  Please contact our reservation office for more information about unaccompanied minor services.
    2. Adult FIT fares with RBD W/U/Y/B/M are applied to UM tickets. AWARD TICKET/AD/ID tickets are excluded from the application of UM travelling.

Fares for Unaccompained Minors

Accompanied Minor

  • For Minor(age 8-12 years old) ticket that is booked in different cabin with their accompany adult passenger(age 18+) may be accepted under Accompanied Minor.
  • Effective Date: For ticket issue On/After 01OCT 2017

Teenage Passengers

Special Assistance for Teenage Passengers

Unaccompanied teenager passengers aged above 12 and under 18 can raise airport assistance requirements and pay accordingly. China Airlines will then help them complete procedures at airports.

Applicable Flights
1.    Regular International Flights of China Airlines/Mandarin Airlines.  It is inapplicable to code-shared flights operated by other airlines.
2.    Regulations vary across airlines. If passengers will be transferred to other flights, our services will stop when we escort them to other flights' transfer counters

Applicable Ticket Types
All tickets available for booking.
Application1.    After confirming their ticket booking, passengers should file an application 24 hours before departure.
2.    Teenage passengers who have purchased tickets on the Internet should file an application 24 hours prior to departure and follow the service staff's instructions on making payment.
Payment and Amount
1.    $75 USD for each one-way trip (including transit to China Airlines aircrafts at layovers without entering the transit countries).
2.    Passengers must pay at China Airlines' ticket counters before departing.
Cancellation and Refund
1.    Passengers must file a cancellation application before departure and a 20% service fee will be deducted from the refund amount.
2.    For cancellation after departure, no amount will be refunded.


Expectant Mothers

  • For flight safety and health of the passenger, pregnant passengers need to inform our reservation staff of the expected date of delivery, single or multiple pregnancy and a strong recommendation that all pregnant passengers carry their prenatal medical records with the required information while travelling.
  • Pregnant passengers who violate the regulations or submit false information may potentially cause significant disruption and expense to the airline and other passengers, China Airlines reserves the right to recover its costs (including, but not limited to flight diversion, delay claims, etc.) though legal actions
  • Pregnant passenger whose gestation period is over 28 weeks, must contact the China Airlines Reservation Center to obtain medical clearance and confirm booking by submitting the require documents at least 2 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) prior to the commencement of travel: Medical Clearance Form, Medical Certificate( contain information pertaining to the expected date of delivery, singleton or multiple pregnancy ) and the Release and Indemnity Form.
  • Medical Clearance Form and Medical Certificate must be signed by a qualified obstetrician and dated within 7 days of departure flight; for instance, if the departure date is Mar 29, the "Medical Clearance Form" and "Medical Certificate" issuance date must be dated after Mar 23 (inclusive).
  • For return or continuing flight that is within two weeks of the departure date, the approval for fly may be granted with initial application with the departure flight application. If the return or continuing flight is longer than 2 weeks, the passenger must be re-submitted with updated medical documents for approval.
  • We will accept passenger those who have completed application and obtained approval from our medical office with uncomplicated multiple pregnancy up to 31 weeks + 6 days.
  • We will accept passenger those who have completed the application and obtained approval from our medical office with uncomplicated singleton pregnancy up to 35 weeks + 6 days.
  • For flight safety and health of the passenger, we restrict pregnant passengers from travelling beyond 36 weeks with single pregnancy or gestation period over 32 weeks with multiple pregnancies.
  • Travel after giving birth:CAL will not knowingly carry a new mother within 14 days after delivery due to health concerns.


  • In order to care for passengers who must remain in a reclined position during the flight, China Airlines may provide charged in-flight stretcher services (excluding the aircraft types of ERJ).
  • Passengers who wish to travel by in-flight stretcher need to obtain approval from our medical department before departure by submitting the Release and Indemnity form, Medical Clearance Form and Medical Certificate by a qualified attending physician and dated within 7 days of departure flight; additional Medical Summary or medical charts are required if passenger received operation or has been admitted in the hospital within the past 2 weeks; for instance, if the departure date is Mar 29, the "Medical Clearance Form" and "Medical Certificate" issuance date must be dated after Mar 23 (inclusive).
  • Passengers who use stretchers must be accompanied by at least one physically fit adult (medical escorts if deemed necessary by China Airlines) in order to provide care during the flight. The accompanying person must sit next to the stretcher passenger.
  • To comply with Taiwan Regulation of Infectious Disease Control, we will submit all in-bound stretcher passengers’ medical documents together with special immigration/custom clearance application to Taiwan Centre of Disease Control (CDC).
  1. Stretcher passengers will only be accepted in the Economy Class Cabin.
  2. Passengers who need assistance of in-flight stretcher must submit the completed application by contacting the local China Airlines business or Taiwan reservations office at least 2 Taiwan working days (excluding weekends and holidays) prior to planned departure date.

Potable Electronic Medical Equipment

Passengers who need to bring electronic medical equipment (such as oxygen generators, suction devices, apparatus respirators, etc.)on broad because of health conditions must contact our company's reservation office at least 48 hours before departure to explain the passenger's condition as well as complete the advanced notification procedure. Below are the main remarks regarding bringing portable electronic medical equipment on broad (not applicable to ERJ aircraft type and the code-shared flights that are not operated by China Airlines):

  • Please notify China Airlines about any portable electronic medical equipment that you will bring on board at least 48 hours before departure. Please follow the service staff’s instructions to complete all necessary procedures. 
  • Fill out the Release and Indemnity form as well as provide the Medical Clearance Form which is signed by a licensed doctor and dated within 7 days of departure flight. The passenger must be accompanied by a medical staff or adult who is capable of operating and fastening the medical equipment that is brought on board. For instance, if the departure date is Mar 29, the "Medical Clearance Form" issuance date must be dated after Mar 23 (inclusive).
  • The brand and the model of the medical equipment that must be recognized by China Airlines On Board Medical Equipment Table (verified through RTCA-Requirement and Technical Concepts for Aviation).
  • Charging equipment is not permitted on board, spare batteries must be brought on board following China Airline’s regulations. Additionally, they must meet the provisions in the Dangerous Good Regulations of Air Transport.
  • A stretcher passenger's medical equipment must be fixed under the stretcher at the bottom of the seat. A non-stretcher passenger's medical equipment must be fixed at the bottom of the front seat. It must be fastened by an extended seat belt.
  • Only humidifiers connected to medical devices can be used onboard.  Personal humidifiers are not permitted to be used onboard.
  • Please complete the check-in procedure as soon as possible on the boarding date and arrive at the boarding gate early so that the airport staff will have enough time to make arrangements for you. 
  • Passengers shall also comply with the destination country's regulations on portable electronic medical devices, if any.

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