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Traveler Reimbursement Page for China Airlines Pilots' Strike Now Online

Published: Feb 21, 2019

To all travelers, the general public and concerned parties,

The pilots' strike ended February 14 after an agreement reached through labor-management talks and a collective consensus agreement signed with government agencies as witnesses. The agreement also explicitly provides a peace accord that will run for three and a half years. China Airlines resumed its normal schedule on February 21 (GMT+8).

China Airlines apologizes for all the inconvenience caused to travelers, the travel industry and the general public during the strike. Thanks to all the supporting pilots and other hard-working employees who kept us flying while the strike was in effect, 90% of our carrying capacity was not affected during the period.

The latest experience have succeeded in putting Union and management on the same track which promotes discussion in reason through open and transparent communication. We thank from the bottom of our hearts to all for the understanding and support rendered during this time. China Airlines will continue its commitment in safety, quality service and passenger satisfaction.

Reimbursement conditions:
China Airlines will reimburse any reasonable and necessary meal, accommodation or transportation-related expenses incurred during the recent strike held by the Taoyuan Union of Pilots. Compensation is capped at USD 250 per traveler. To apply, please submit the boarding pass and related receipts to China Airlines for review. Applications can be made through the following reimbursement page. Reimbursements for group bookings will be processed through the travel agencies that made the original bookings and regional China Airlines branch offices.