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Guideline For Dynasty flyer Program Membership Expiration

Veröffentlicht: Nov 14, 2019

According to “Membership Privileges & Obligations” page, Dynasty flyer Program membership will be automatically expired without notice if members do not hold available award numbers and there is no update in mileage record and personal data (including membership tier) within 6 years. Since the specific purpose of personal data collection and processing no longer exists, for personal data protection reason, all personal data in the expired membership account will also be completed removed.
If your membership is expired, you are still welcome to enroll again through our web service to obtain a new membership number immediately. If you have already held a booking, please update your new membership number on "Booking Inquiry / Change Flight" page on our website after enrollment. You may also contact your travel agent or our branch offices, customer service center or airport check-in counters for membership number update in order to accrue miles timely and automatically.
Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to serving you again soon.