China Airlines has cooperated with Octopus Travel to provide an online hotel reservations & car rental service that is easy for your complete travel around the world.

Customer service is provided by Octopus Travel. Passengers with inquiries should call the telephone number for customer service:
Global Service :
United Kindom: 0808-141-8888(Toll-free call)/44-20-7825 5425
United States:1-866-462 8678/1-212-843 9794
Ireland1 :800- 905 001
Hong Kong : (852)6608 2077
China : 86-10 -5816 7070
Global :442-071367635 or 00801444328 (Toll-free call)
For email service:

2. China Airlines is not responsible for dealings between Octopus Travel and the buyer and cannot be held liable under any circumstances.