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Questions and Answers of SkyPriority Benefits
Q. Is SkyPriority available globally?
A. Yes, SkyPriority is available wherever SkyTeam members fly. However, not all benefits may be available at every location (e.g. SkyPriority security) and the roll-out process will continue throughout 2012/13.
Q. Is SkyPriority applicable to all SkyTeam carriers, including regional carriers and affiliates?
A. SkyTeam partners are currently working to harmonize the SkyPriority experience on all mainline and regional carriers offering consistent products and services as the parent company.
Q. Who is eligible for SkyPriority?
A. Eligible for SkyPriority are SkyTeam Elite Plus frequent flyer members and customers with First and Business Class tickets. China Airlines’ Paragon and Emerald members will become SkyTeam Elite Plus frequent flyer members automatically.
Q. Why are Elite frequent flyers not eligible?
A. If the SkyPriority benefits would be opened up to Elite customers, the group would become too large for consistent delivery of service. However, in some cases, members have chosen to extend SkyPriority benefits to Elite levels.
Q. Can customers purchase SkyPriority?
A. No, the services offered by SkyPriority are not available for purchase. SkyPriority is a special travel service that can only be utilized by customers with First and Business Class tickets and SkyTeam Elite Plus members regardless of their cabin of service.
Q. Is SkyPriority available at every airport?
A. SkyPriority will be rolled out at airports worldwide as of March/April 2012, although not all benefits will be available at every airport.
Q. How will customers know if they qualify for SkyPriority? Will they receive a special membership card in the mail?
A. Customers will not receive a special membership card. SkyPriority will be printed at the top of the customer’s boarding pass. Elite Plus customers will receive additional communications about SkyPriority.
Q. 8. Do customers have to do anything different when they get to the airport (i.e. check in at a different counter)?
A. SkyPriority customers will enjoy wider, more consistent travel experiences, including SkyPriority Check-In access to a dedicated check-in area at the airport; SkyPriority Security special entrances into expedited security lines at select airports; SkyPriority Boarding to board first to secure the best overhead bin space or be given the flexibility to board at leisure through a special lane and SkyPriority Baggage for checked bags delivery first-to-carousel before most other customers on a flight.
Q. 9. Will this impact service levels for those customers not eligible for the initiative?
A. All of our customers can expect SkyTeam member employees to continue providing the existing customer service. Customers who are not currently eligible for the SkyPriority program will continue to have access to the existing products and services.