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China Airlines to Launch Temperature-Controlled Air Freight Services
CAL e-News

On July 23, China Airlines and Envirotainer announced they will jointly launch temperature-controlled air freight services to meet the logistics needs of customers, primarily in the healthcare industry. Through SkyTeam’s global network, China Airlines will offer air cargo customers 11,392 daily flights to 864 destinations across 174 countries.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), China Airlines had the ninth-highest international air cargo volume in 2012. Recognizing the potential of the cool chain market, China Airlines will introduce air freight services for high-value pharmaceutical products that need constant and monitored temperature control. With a strong presence in China and Taiwan, China Airlines is uniquely positioned to offer the best cargo transfer services across many air transport hubs in Asia. By connecting Asia with Europe and the U.S. it is also strengthening commercial ties between the regions. In the initial phase, China Airlines will target eight airports for its temperature-controlled air freight business: Taipei, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, San Francisco, Tokyo, Osaka, and Singapore.

China Airlines and Envirotainer have signed a global partner MLA which includes co-marketing and joint business collaboration. Under the agreement, China Airlines will participate in Envirotainer’s training program on handling of all types of temperature-controlled containers. With the support of SkyTeam’s extensive network, China Airlines will provide customers with more efficient, tailored, flexible, and seamless international air freight services.

When China Airlines joined SkyTeam Cargo in October 2012, it became the first airline from Taiwan to join the world’s only international air cargo alliance. Through the alliance, China Airlines has forged a large number of partnerships that help it expand its services and enhance overall service quality. Under the alliance it shares resources with the other ten member airlines, including shared terminals, shared ground handling agents, shared product lines, and shared warehouses, which offer faster connections and significantly improve customer satisfaction. At the same time, the alliance’s full range of aircraft types and container configurations, as well a consistent set of service procedures for a commonly branded product line, reduce operating costs and help boost profits. In addition to introducing temperature-controlled air freight services, China Airlines will also expand its high-margin express product line under the Equation and Equation Heavy express services. Both temperature-controlled and express product lines will enhance China Airlines’ financial performance and international competitiveness.