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China Airlines and Chef Wu Pao-Chun partner to create award-winning breads
CAL e-News

On July 19th, Chef Wu Pao Chun’s film 27óJ-Loaf Rocks premiered across major theatres in Taiwan. The movie depicts Master Wu Pao Chun’s perseverance and courage in making his dreams become a reality. Behind this success is the hardworking spirit that typifies the Taiwanese people. China Airlines is the leading brand amongst Taiwan airline companies and takes pride in promoting Taiwan’s cultural diversity. By partnering with Chef Wu Pao-Chun on in-flight bread products, China Airlines is able to offer its passengers around the world a taste of Taiwan’s international standard of culinary delights.

Since September 2010, China Airlines has worked with the award-winning Chef Wu to bring 10 different bread offerings to first and business class cabins. Supporting Taiwanese agriculture China Airlines has chosen to adopt local ingredients to make popular breads like “Sun Dried Tomato, Olive and Cheese Bread”, which uses small Taiwanese sweet tomatoes with high-fiber rye dough. Another favorite called “Green Soy Bean Bread” uses the number 9 edamame bean from Kaohsiung, which is also affectionately termed the “Emerald of Taiwan,” to upgrade the texture and sweetness of the bread. For “French Rye Baguette”, European baking methods are applied to hand-kneaded rye dough. Under the hands-on direction of Chef Wu and after several rounds of tweaking, China Airlines has successfully developed a world-class bread feast for its passengers, with Chef Wu’s stamp of approval.

Consistent with Chef Wu’s guiding principles, China Airlines in-flight dining emphasizes the use of local ingredients, supporting Taiwanese farming and also helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.  To provide our passengers with a better understanding of the program results, China Airlines has begun to disclose carbon footprint and calorie information on all meals for the Taipei to Frankfurt and Vienna routes. By being transparent about greenhouse gas emissions resulting from ingredients selection, production, transport, cooking methods, consumer use and waste disposal, China Airlines continues to make headway in its efforts to protect the environment.