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China Airlines flight Information (released on April 18 10:00)

 Flight  cancellationFlight operation
April 18

CI-064 Vienna-Taipei
CI-069/070 Taipei-London v.v.
CI-071/072 Taipei-Delhi-Rome v.v.
CI-061/062 Taipei-Frankfurt v.v.
CI-065/066 Taipei- Bangkok-Amsterdam v.v.

CI-065 Taipei-Bangkok
CI-071 Taipei-Delhi
April 19CI-062 Frankfurt-Taipei
CI-065/066 Taipei-Bangkok-Amsterdam v.v.
CI-065/066 Taipei-Bangkok v.v.
April 20will be announced in due timeCI-065/066 Taipei-Bangkok v.v.

Passengers are advised to visit China Airlines web site ( or call help desk number below to update information: