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China Airlines Inaugurates CAL Park at Taoyuan Airport
CAL e-News

March 26, 2010, Taipei, Taiwan – China Airlines held a ceremony today to inaugurate CAL Park, its new world-class headquarters at Taoyuan International Airport. Chairman Philip Wei and President Hung-Hsiung Sun warmly welcome more than 350 guests attended the celebration, including top government officials, airport authority officers, legislators, and members of the media.

CAL Park is located at the entrance of Taoyuan International Airport, and the new complex forms a straight line together with Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and the future Terminal 3, which will be built in 2012. It combines with neighboring Taoyuan County to boost Taiwan's global aviation status, and enhances the development of Taoyuan Aerocity, said Mr. Wei. The new park will also provide a strong corporate image, and promote CAL as an international landmark at Taoyuan Airport, Mr. Wei added.

The four-tower CAL Park complex, which will be operated under a 50-year contract, includes a dedicated Flight Simulator Training Center, a Crew Training Center, CAL's Head Office Building, and Hotel Novotel Taipie Taoyuan International Airport, which opened in September 2009. The buildings are aligned in order of height, each one taller than its neighbor, illustrating the notion of ‘steady progress, step by step.’ The superb design of CAL Park demonstrates the concept of flight, with modern architecture in dramatic colors of silver, white, gray and blue that highlight the China Airlines spirit, and emphasize its desire to attain further eminence.

The opening ceremony began with a golden ingot rising from the center of a fountain, symbolizing the success and prosperity of CAL Park. Live performances followed, including dragon and lion dances, and a Ten Drums art percussion performance, generating further blessings for China Airlines, while refreshments included traditional house warming cuisine, pastries and fruit designed to bring additional good fortune and prosperity.