China Airlines Once Again Passes Rigorous Safety Audit
CAL e-News

March 18, 2009, Taipei, Taiwan – China Airlines has once again passed the rigorous IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) renewal process, demonstrating that CAL’s safety standards and procedures remain at the highest international levels, and further ensuring passenger comfort and safety.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) requires member airlines to secure IOSA registration, and it sets high standards and conducts rigorous audits to assure that airlines meet the highest possible standards of flight safety. The IOSA-registered operators must pass a renewal audit every two years to maintain their safety standards.

The IOSA is a comprehensive review of eight disciplines fundamental to operational safety. Those eight categories are: Organization and Management, Flight Operations, Cabin Operations, Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance, Operations Control and Flight Dispatch, Aircraft Ground Handling, Cargo Operations, and Operational Security. By meeting the rigorous IOSA standards, CAL gains all the benefits that come with IOSA registration. For example, when airlines negotiate a code share agreement, both parties can save time and money by mutually accepting the IOSA audits.

China Airlines has successfully passed the IOSA review since 2005, and has spared no effort to improve its safety. By using the most advanced systems such as FOQA (Flight Operations Quality Assurance) and FORAS (Flight Operations Risk Assessment System), CAL can monitor every flight and ensure that correct safety procedures are always used, and it can assess the relative risk of specific in-flight incidents. CAL has also assigned quality assurance teams to monitor its flight safety and maintenance departments. Passing the rigorous IOSA renewal audit shows that CAL remains dedicated to maintaining the highest possible standards of flight safety.