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China Airlines Statement on CI 611 Accident Investigation Report
Feb. 25, 2005, Taipei, Taiwan - Regarding the release of the Aviation Safety Council (ASC) investigation report on the CI 611 accident today, China Airlines announces that since most of section 46 of the accident aircraft was not found, the available information is not conclusive enough to determine the exact cause of the accident. Section 46 is one of the most important sections of the aircraft in question. The carrier also disagrees with other elements in the report. The accident occurred in the Taiwan Strait, near the Penghu Islands on May 25, 2002.

With a law abiding, respectful and responsible attitude, China Airlines set up a special mission to cooperate with the investigation immediately after the accident. China Airlines has also fulfilled all the recommendations made by ASC to insure future flight safety.

Under the auspices of ICAO ANNEX 13, China Airlines respects the investigation report. The ASC also respects China Airlines’ differing opinions, and has attached CAL’s expert analysis to the investigation report.

China Airlines has spared no effort to improve its maintenance operations in recent years. It has introduced a world renowned management team from Singapore Airlines, reinforced maintenance quality, and raised the rank of the quality control department to an independent body. The steps taken include enhanced staff training, and consolidation of the information-gathering and engineering processes. The resulting improved maintenance quality has earned recognition from civil aviation authorities in Taiwan.

The improved flight safety record of China Airlines has also earned high recognition throughout the world. These include winning the Best Airline Award at Manchester Airport in UK, and passing flight safety audit from IATA and from many Western airlines in the wake of code-share cooperation. CAL has also earned the National Standardization Award in Taiwan.