Dynasty Lounge House Rules
To make your visit to the Dynasty Lounge as enjoyable as possible, we have created the following rules and policies for all members and their guests:
1. Attire and Conduct
We ask that the Attire and conduct of members and guests be in keeping with dignified atmosphere. China Airlines reserves the right to deny admission to any member or guest whose behavior is deemed improper or whose conduct affects the safety or comfort of others.
2. Food and Beverages
Food from outside sources may not be brought into the Dynasty Lounge. Please do not remove food, beverages, or periodicals from the Dynasty Lounge.
3. Smoking
Smoking is not permitted in any Dynasty Lounge.
4. Cellular phone
Please volume down your voice when using cellular phone in order not to bother other guests.
5. Luggage Carts
Airport luggage carts are not permitted in Dynasty Lounge.
6. Lost or Stolen Articles
Please keep your valuable belongings with you at all times. China Airlines will not be held responsible for any articles lost or stolen in the Dynasty Lounge.