Mileage Redemption for Excess Baggage
Dynasty Members may redeem their usable mileage to save excess baggage fee.

Redemption Procedure
  • Members may redeem their usable mileage at airport check-in counter for excess baggage charges if their check-in baggage exceed the free baggage allowance. A qualified member has to fill out the "Consent Letter for Mileage Deduction" to authorize mileage deduction.
Effective from 28 June 2010, the excess baggage redemption table based on 1kg-unit is summarized as below for your reference:
Route (by sector)*
E/B Weight Unit
Between any two points in Asia (excluding DEL) v.v.
1 KG
1,200 miles
TWN/DEL v.v.
1 KG
1,600 miles
TWN/AUS v.v. & DEL/FCO v.v.
1 KG
2,400 miles
TWN/EUR v.v. & BKK/AMS v.v.
1 KG
3,200 miles
*Remark: Calculation is based on sector. For example of SIN/NRT, 1kg E/B will be charged with 2,400 miles due there are two sectors SIN/TPE and TPE/NRT.
Point to note:
  • This privilege is only available for check-in baggage on flights fully operated by China Airlines or Mandarin Airlines from departure to destination. Code-sharing flights which not operated by China Airlines or Mandarin Airlines and charter flights are excluded from this privilege.
  • Both weight system and piece system are applicable. Excess baggage redemption is based on unit of 1KG (Weight System)/1PC (Piece System).
  • The free check-in baggage allowance of piece system for economy class on Trans-Pacific flights has been adjusted from 32kgs to 23kgs. In case the weights for each piece exceeds 23kgs but is less than 32kgs, members may pay for the excess weight with 8,000 mileage instead of TWD 1,000.
  • This privilege is non-refundable unless flight cancelled or members travel plan changed. If a member is transferred to other airlines, full payment of excess baggage must be collected.
Please click here to find out how many miles will be needed per unit.