As a member, you may claim awards
based on the mileage accumulated in
your account. You may use the award
yourself or transfer it to a relative or friend.
(Please refer to Award Transfer .)

Before redeeming awards, please check the Blackout Dates/Area . If the date of any flight in the itinerary falls within the blackout dates, the corresponding award redemption level for blackout dates will apply, requiring greater mileage. During all other period, only mileage of non-blackout-date is needed.
* For Mandarin Airlines awards, please refer to Partnership Mileage Program.

Award Levels

If you intend to redeem an upgrade award by using self-owned mileage or an Online transferred award, please click here for required mileage.

Redemption Procedure
  • Members should make sure that they have sufficient mileage to redeem an award. To transfer upgrade awards to another person, please complete transfer procedures first (please refer to Award Transfer )
  • Members must apply for cabin class upgrade through a China Airlines reservation agent and book a confirmed seat in the upgraded class 24 hours before departure. If you are using an upgrade award transferred from another person, please quote the "Award Number" when making the reservation.
  • An upgrade award can only be used on a normal paid ticket. The following ticket types are not qualified for cabin class upgrade.(Please contact DFP service counter for more information.)
    1. Discounted tickets (AD, ID, DG, SC, BP, CG, etc.) barter, infant, labor or award tickets.
    2. Group or individual tickets using G booking classes.
    3. Promotional tickets (tickets using D ticket class for short haul and C/D ticket class for long haul) or with restrictions, tickets not qualifying for mileage credits (tickets using L/G/X/S ticket class).
  • A flight using an upgrade award can only be credited into Dynasty Flyer Program account.
  • An infant should pay fare difference for a class upgrade.
Points to Note
  • If a requested upgrade seat cannot be confirmed when making a reservation, members must confirm the seat according to the ticket class and obtain an upgrade stand-by booking status on the same reservation record. Without doing so, any request for an upgrade will not be accepted at the airport.
    * Upgrade stand-by: Following airport check-in, where seating in the upgrade class is available on the flight according to upgrade procedures. The completion of upgrade stand-by reservations does not indicate a confirmation of cabin upgrade seating availability.
  • If a member's mileage is not sufficient for an upgrade award 72 hours prior to the takeoff, their upgrade stand-by status will automatically become invalid.
  • If the ticket presented at the airport check-in counter does not comply with the rules for upgrade, the member must abide by the airport staff's recommendation. You will be most likely asked to purchase another ticket, pay the difference between the two tickets, or check in according to the ticket class.
  • Upgrade awards can only be used on scheduled international flights on China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines. They are not accepted on code share flights (except block space code share flights) between China Airlines and another carrier where China Airlines is not the operating party as well as connecting flights between Kaohsiung and Taoyuan International Airport.
  • The required mileage for an upgrade award is calculated on a single flight basis. If the itinerary includes a stopover or transfer (change in flight number), the mileage required for an upgrade on each flight must be added together.
    Example: Passenger flies from San Francisco to Taipei, then transfers to Hong Kong during non-blackout dates, the total mileage required for the upgrade in the journey would be adding two sectors. (from San Francisco to Taipei plus from Taipei to Hong Kong)
  • Cabin class upgrades are limited to single class upgrades. China Airlines shall notify members of amendments to cabin class upgrade regulations or other cabin class upgrade award qualifications made in accordance with adjustments in cabin configuration via other means (including the China Airlines Website DFP Latest News , mileage statement, or Dynasty Flyer News).
  • Click here Redeem upgrade award