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About Airbus 340-300 Seating Plan
Dynasty Supreme Class Illustrations of Seat Operation
Economy Class    

  State-of-the-art technology
bringing stress-free comfort to air travel
With its fleet of new Airbus A340s, China Airlines brings to the skies the most comprehensive and advanced aircraft and aviation technology available. What this means to the passenger is a new level of comfort, convenience and security, making every flight a carefree, relaxing experience.
Reliable propulsion system carrying you farther and faster
  China Airlines' new A340s are powered by CFM56 turbofans, the quietest and cleanest engines available, with unparalleled reliability for added layers of security and power throughout your flight.
Advanced avionics providing crews with fail-safe technology and equipment
The A340s' flight deck is a flawless integration of flight controls and the latest computer technology. Advanced second-generation electronic instrumentation provides the flight crew with fast and accurate flight information through an innovative six-color digital display system, replacing more complicated traditional flight instrumentation
Through exhaustive research and development, all systems have been designed to provide maximum flight safety and convenience for the flight crew. Input from the side stick controller is transmitted through the Fly by Wire (FBW) system to the aircraftis control surfaces, greatly enhancing control accuracy, stability, and flight efficiency.
With the A340s' unique Flight Management, Guidance, and Envelope Protection System (FMGES), navigation, communication, aircraft performance calculation, auto-pilot, automatic throttle and aircraft systems displays, as well as the Global Positioning System (GPS) and Future Air Navigation System (FANS), automated flight management is more efficient than ever. All of this is designed for maximum safety by decreasing the workload of the flight crew.
The latest design in Traffic Collision Avoidance System II (TCASII) provides ample warning of other aircraft in the vicinity; and the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) automatically provides information on terrain and structures along the flight path and around airports.
Extensive and intensive training assuring professional and experienced crews
Our advanced A340s are matched by exceptionally well-trained pilots. More than 100 China Airlines pilots have been through exhaustive training and testing by Airbus Industrie. Special emphasis has also been placed on the development of seed flight-safety instructors.
In addition, a US$14 million full-function A340 flight simulator helps pilots to enhance their flight experience. To maintain flight crew capabilities at the highest level, channels for information interchange and pilot observation exchange has been established with other A340 operators such as Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, and Cathay Pacific Airways.
Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) and system controls used throughout the flight, as well as post-flight analysis of crew control process data assures a closely linked flight safety management system.
At China Airlines, flight safety is not just a commitment, but an uncompromising principle.

Innovative cabin appointments pampering passengers with
luxurious cuisine, entertainment, and amenities

China Airlines' new A340s are the first to incorporate numerous cabin and seating appointments that make even long-distance flights a relaxing, pleasurable, and entertaining experience.
Stretch out in spacious seating with just 30 Dynasty Supreme Class seats, and 276 Economy Class seats, for a total of just 306 seats.
No matter which class you choose, each seat is equipped with:
-VGA interactive personal TV screens-Seven TV channels, eight stereo music channels, and nine electronic games to choose from
-Satellite telephones in every seat provide global communication
For your dining pleasure, the A340s are equipped with the most advanced galleys in the air.