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About Airbus 340-300 Seating Plan
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Economy Class    

  The brand new Economy Class brings excitement to your trip.

Economy Class putting the fun back into air travel

A more spacious configuration with fewer seats, and personalized
entertainment options eliminate the boredom and fatigue of even long-haul flights.

Among the pleasures of our new A340 Economy Class cabin, you will enjoy:
More space with only 246 seats in a 2-4-2 configuration providing better access to the aisles and more room to stretch out .
A comfortable 32-inch (81 centimeter) seat pitch.
The world's first swing-type seats for economy class, allowing the bottom cushion to slide forward as the seat reclines, which means you can relax and arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed
A foot rest with a massage function to alleviate fatigue.

A 6.5-inch VGA interactive personal TV in each seat to provide audio and video on demand function with a choice of 12 movies, 12 short features, 15 music channels, more than 50 CD and 10 video games to keep you fully entertained throughout your trip.