Disability Assistance
We will provide the maximum comfort and convenience during the journey to our passengers, who travel by China Airline or Mandarin Airline's international flights (not apply to code-shared flights operated by other Airlines). In consideration of the barrier-free facilities and services that the passengers need, there maybe big differences because of the differences on personal condition. Therefore we suggest our customers, no matter if they booked their tickets through travel agencies or through our website, please contact us after the confirmation of booking and at least 48 hours before flight departure, as well as explain your condition and any assistance that you need to the service staff in order to let us make the appropriate arrangements for you as soon as possible. Also, please follow the service staff's instructions to complete the boarding procedures. We also suggest you arrive at the airport earlier on the day of boarding to complete the check-in process. If you need to transfer to another airline's flights during your journey, please also contact that Airline before departure.
Our disability facilities and services are including:
A. Priority arrangement of seats before departure
In order to provide you with maximum comfort, we will arrange passengers with disablities to be seated at:
1. Aisle seat that are easy to access; or
2. Seat which equipped with a movable armrest.
The seating configuration of each aircraft type may be different, please login to the Cabin Guide, and then click Seating Plan of each type of aircraft for details.
B. Equipped toilet for disabilities
All of our aircraft have equipped toilets for disabilities, which have installed service bell, handrail and no-skid floor inside. Some aircrafts have 60 inches extended size toilet, or have installed curtains in order to assist the usage of the disabled passengers. Please login to the Cabin Guide, and then click Seating Plan of each type of aircraft for details.
C. Check-in and in-flight assistance
Airport Assistance
1. Most airports we fly are equipped with Flight Information System. Our airport staff will inform passengers through broadcasting for boarding announcement and flight irregularities. We recommend passengers who are disabled, or have hearing/visual problems to relay their special needs directly to our employees at each point of contact throughtout airport.
2. Most airports we fly are equipped with jet-bridges and passenger assist lift (PAL) in order to facilitate the disabled passengers for boarding and deplaning. We recommend you to contact with us as soon as possible before travel in order to konw disability facilities at your destination airport.
In-flight assistance
1. Except ERJ aircraft, all type of aircraft are equipped with onboard wheelchairs in order to facilitate the movements of passengers with disabilities between seat and toilet.
2. Flight attendants will offer assistance to passengers with disbailities in getting to/from seat during boarding and/or disembarketion, take or place carry-on baggage or other assistive devices, as well as to/from the toilet during the flight. Flight attendants are not permitted to provide:
(1) Assistance for feeding,
(2) Assistance within lavatory or assistance at seat with defecation and/or unination functions.
(3) Medical services.
If your medical condition requires other to provide these type of care, we recommend you to arrange a nurse to accompany with you.
D. Other assistance
Visual impaired passengers services and seeing-eye dog
When visual impaired passengers travel alone, we will arrange airport staff to escort them the arrival terminal. If the passenger is accompanied by an adult passenger, that companion passenger may book the flight through regular procedures.
1. Passengers who accompanied by seeing-eye dogs must tie their dogs with reins and keep them beside their feet for the whole trip. Passengers must also be responsible for the seeing-eye dogs’ entry and exit permit and the quarantine certificates. The seeing-eye dogs can only be fed by water during the flight, for long distance journeys, they can be fed by food only when landing or stopping at the stopover station, the passengers will be responsible for the dog foods.
2. Please be sure to contact our company 48 hours prior to departure.
Booking for wheelchair and wheelchair consignment service
1. No matter if you need to use the wheelchair in the airport or in the cabin, please contact our reservation or customer service staff at least 48 hours prior to departure. In order to ensure our service can meet your actual condition, our staff may ask you some questions (for example: can you move by your own without any assistances? How long can you walk? And can you climb up or walk down the stairs without any assistance? )
2. Passengers who have booked the wheelchair can contact our staff to get the wheelchair when they arrive  the airport. Passengers can also use their own wheelchairs to get to the boarding gate.
3. Passengers who use electronic wheelchairs should consign the electronic wheelchair when check-in at the airport. Our company provides the general wheelchairs for boarding. We provide the same service for transit and arrival destination.
4. All kinds of wheelchair have to be handled as check-in baggage without extra fee.
5. Passengers who bring their own wheelchairs, no matter if it is manual operation or electronic, our company will provide free wheelchair consignment service. Since the domestic and international airport facilities and statute of limitations are different, if the wheelchairs are unable to deliver to the boarding gate from the apron by the time arrived the destination, we will give priority to your checked wheelchair and deliver it to the baggage claim area. We will also has the wheelchair prepared after you arrived the terminal, as well as will accompany you to the baggage claim area and assist you to get your checked wheelchair and baggage.
Wheelchair Batteries
Lithium-ion powered wheelchairs and mobility device can only be consigned. At the same time, the battery should meet each battery test requirement in section 38.3, Part III in the United National Manual of Test and Criteria:.
1. Approved lithium ion battery used for lithium ion powered wheelchair.
  When the battery can be removed:
  1) The battery must be removed, and protected from short circuits and enclosed within a battery container bring to the cabin as the hand-carry bag. Each battery may not exceed 300 watt hours.
  2) Wheelchair/Mobility aids can be loaded in the cargo compartment as checked bag.
  3) Passenger can bring one spare battery not over 300 Watt hours or two not over 160 Watt hours each to the cabin as hand carry bag.
  When the battery can not be moved :
  1) The power switch must be well protected to prevent accidental activation or possible short-circuiting.
  2) Both the wheelchair/mobility device and the battery can be loaded in the cargo compartment as checked bag.
2. Approved lithium ion battery for portable electric medical devices.
  Please bring the certificate with you.
In view of some countries may have different regulations, we suggest you to contact our local reservation office in advance for better arrangement.
For information about traveling safely with batteries in U.S.A., Please click here..
Special meal
China Airlines currently offers 22 types of special meals options, including low-lactose, low fat, diabetic meal, etc. If the passengers still have any other dietary needs, it will depend on the availability of our catering company at passenger's flight departure airport.
E. Other Reminder
We may require following passengers to be companioned by a ticekted passenger or medically qualified personnel:
1. Passengers who need medical care on abroad (such as use of stretcher, paid oxygen);
2. Passengers who are unable to comprehend or respond properly to safety guidance due to a mental disablitliy.
3. Passengers who are unable to evacuate on their own during emergency due to mobility impairment.
4. Passengers who are unable to communicate with our staff due to severe impairments in hearing or vision.
5. Passengers who need to provide Medical Certificate for Air Travel, or Release and Indemnity, or other documents, such as Passengers with such stretcher passenger, passenger want to use Extra Portable Oxygen Unit or portable oxygen concentrators etc. For details please click here.