Special Needs
China Airlines provides a series of special services to help passengers who have special needs. We recommend you to complete the booking procedure as soon as possible, so that we can have enough time to make any necessary arrangements to the trip. Please read the following information, and contact our company’s reservation office if you need any of the following services.
For disabled passenger services, please click here
If the physical conditions of the passenger prevent the individual from properly sitting upright and securing the seat belt during take-off and landing, please contact China Airlines at least 48 hours before flight departure to arrange preparations for the flight.
1. Definition: infants are those who under 2 years old (calculate based on the boarding date).
2. Newborn infants, who are over 14 days old and accompanied by adults, can travel by our company’s flights.
3. If an infant travel along with an adult, infant fare of unoccupied seat is applicable to the infant.
4. If one adult travel along with two infants, one of the infants must purchase the child fare ticket for occupied seat, and the infant must sit in a safety seat. Please refer to the Child Safety Seat below for more instruction about the specifications and the usage of the safety seat.
5. Other passengers who wish to let the infant use cabin seat also need to purchase the child fare ticket for occupied seat as well as have the safety seat prepared, and please complete the booking and seating procedure in advance.
Child passenger is referred to children who are 2 years old or over and under 12 years old. They shall purchase the child fare ticket and must be accompany by adults. Passengers who are over 12 years old must purchase adult fare ticket.
Child safety seat usage standard:
1. The accompanied adult passenger’s seat must be next to the safety seat.
2. The safety seat must be fastened by a seat belt on the seat for the whole trip.
3. If the passenger who use the safety seat is less than 20lb (9kg), the safety seat should be fastened facing the tail of the airplane; if the passenger who use the safety seat is 20 ~ 40lb (9 ~18kg), the safety seat should be fastened facing the nose of the airplane.
4. Children with occupied seat who are over 40lb cannot use safety seat.
Specifications of child safety seat that are accepted by our company:
1. Meet the U.S National Manufacturing Standard, and shall be attached with a certification label which shows that it is applicable for riding ground transportation and flight vehicles.
2. Safety seats that manufactured in Canada: all of them were tested and verified, and attached of certification label is unnecessary.
3. Child safety seats that manufactured in other countries: shall be attached with a national qualified safety standard label, or indicate on the label that this child safety seat is manufactured in accordance with the national standards of the United Nations.
Child Safety Belt Usage Specification:
Age: applicable to children of 2 ~ 4 years old
Weight: 22 ~ 44lb (10~20kg)
Height: under 100cm (40 inches)
Expectant Mother
1. Healthy expectant mothers who are less than 32 weeks of pregnancy or more than 8 weeks from the estimated delivery date may travel and be accepted by China Airlines as normal passengers.
2. If expectant mothers who are over 32 weeks of pregnancy, and will deliver within 4 to 8 weeks want to travel by our company’s flights, passengers shall complete the a “Release and Indemnity” form, and need to have a “Medical Certificate for Air Travel” which is filled out and signed by the obstetrician within 7 days from departure.
3. It is the policy of China Airlines not to accept expectant mothers who will deliver within 4 weeks.
4. For safety reasons, China Airlines will not accept a new mother within 14 days after her delivery.
5. The above dates are calculated based on the date of departure. Since some countries have special regulations on pregnant women's entry, therefore, we recommend you to contact the local offices of your destination country to check the relevant travel requirements before your departure.
Wall-Mounted Bassinet

China Airlines provides wall-mounted bassinets that can be fixed on the bulkhead wall at the cabin's designated positions, please contact our company’s reservation office for more information about the weight and length restrictions of the wall-mounted bassinets.

Due to the limited number of fixed wall-mounted bassinets, we recommend you to request a bassinet upon booking in order to benefit the infant's convenience and comfort during the flight. In addition, due to the limited number of wall-mounted bassinets, such service will be provided on basis of first come, first serve.

Unaccompanied Minors

China Airlines provides unaccompanied minors services, so you can rest assured when your child has to travel alone. This service is provided to young passengers whose ages are between 3 months and 12 years old and who are traveling without parents or guardians of age 18 or above.

Parents or legal guardians must sign the“Consent & Release for Carriage of Unaccompanied Minors” in order to apply for unaccompanied minors services.

Service charges for unaccompanied minors vary from age to age, and unaccompanied minors are always charged adult fares, booking for unaccompanied minors shall be made at least 72 hours prior to departure.

Please note: Unaccompanied minors who are under age of 8 shall not be accepted to travel on First, Business classes. Please contact our reservation office for more information about minors traveling alone.


In order to take care of the passengers who must remain in a reclined position during the flight, China Airlines may provide charged stretcher services on board (except for the aircraft type of Boeing 737-800 and Fokker 100 and ERJ). Passengers who use stretcher need to provide “Medical Certificate for Air Travel” form that is signed by licensed doctor, as well as shall prepare a “ “Release and Indemnity” form.

Passengers who use stretcher shall be accompanied by at least one strong adult (medical doctor or nurse is preferred) in order to provide care during the flight. The accompanying person must sit next to the stretcher passenger.

1. Stretcher passenger will only be accepted in the Economy Class Cabin.
2. Passengers who need to use stretcher on board must file an application or contact China Airlines local business office at least 48 hours prior to departure.
Potable electronic medical equipment
Passengers who need to bring the electronic medical equipment (such as oxygen generator, suction device, apparatus respirator, etc.) on broad because of health conditions shall contact our company's reservation office at least 48 hours before departure to explain about the passenger's condition, as well as complete the advanced notification procedure. Below are the main remarks regarding bring the potable electronic medical equipment on broad (not applicable to ERJ aircraft type and the code-shared flights that are not operated by China Airlines):
1. Please notify China Airlines about the potable electronic medical equipment that you are going to bring on board 48 hours before departure. As well as please follow the service staff’s instructions to complete all of the procedures.
2. Fill out the “Release and Indemnity” form as well as provide the “Medical Certificate for Air Travel” which is signed by the licensed doctor.
3. Must be accompanied by the medical staff or adult who is capable to operate and fix the medical equipment that is brought on board. 
4. The brand and the model of the medical equipment that is going to bring on board must be recognized in China Airlines On Board Use Medical Equipment Table(verified through RTCA-Requirement and Technical Concepts for Aviation). The medical equipment must have manufacturer’s trademark on it in order to identify by the service staff.
5. Since charging equipment is not provided on board, therefore, passengers should estimate the flight time and prepare enough backup batteries or assistant devices, related equipment shall be packed by the passengers themselves and ensure they will not cause short circuit or damaged, at the same time, they must meet the provisions in the Dangerous Good Regulations of Air Transport.
6. Stretcher passenger's medical equipment shall be fixed under the stretcher at the bottom of the seat. The non-stretcher passenger’s medical equipment shall be fixed at the bottom of the front seat. It shall be fastened by an extended seat belt.
7. Please complete the check-in procedure as soon as possible on the boarding date, as well as arrive the boarding gate earlier. So that the airport staff will have enough time to make arrangements for you.
8. Passengers shall also comply with regulations of the destination country on portable medical devices, if any.
In addition, Passengers, who want to use the on board extra Portable Oxygen Unit (POU) service that is provided by China Airlines, shall prepare the “Medical Certificate for Air Travel” which need to be signed by the doctor and its content must have indicated “the flow rate of oxygen per minute”, and must fill out the “Release and Indemnity” form, as well as need to meet the following conditions:
1. Must additionally purchase a seat for placing the extra Portable Oxygen Unit (POU), as well as bear the POU fees for USD $200 per unit. Each POU that China Airlines provide can be used for 6.5 hours if the flow rate is 2L per minute, and it can be used for 3.5 hours if the flow rate is 4L per minute.
2. Such passengers shall be accompanied by at least one adult (medical doctor or nurse is preferred) in order to provide care during the flight. The accompanying person must sit next to the passenger who uses the POU service.
3. If the trip involves other Airlines’ route segments, passengers shall be responsible to make arrangements with the other Airlines for the needs of oxygen service.
4. China Airlines accepts only one passenger to use extra Portable Oxygen Unit (POU) service per flight, but no POU service will be provided on ERJ aircraft type.
5. Please contact our reservation office if you want to cancel the booked on board oxygen service so as not to affect the refund matters.

Please advise our company's reservation office at the time of booking tickets if passengers need to use wheelchairs because of physical condition, including ability to walk, ability to go upstairs/downstairs and the requirement for assistance during the flight, our company will make proper arrangements for you.

If passengers physical condition applies to medical case, then they need to prepare the“Medical Certificate for Air Travel” which is signed by licensed doctor and the “Release and Indemnity” form. Regarding reserving wheelchairs, wheelchair consignment and wheelchair batteries and such matters, please click here

Meal Reservation Service

We offer a wide selection of special meals for passengers who have special dietary requirements because of health or religious reasons. Please place your order at least 24 hours before departure through our Reservation Office or your travel agency. You can also make a Special Meal request when you purchase your tickets online through our website.

First and business class passengers can take advantage of the pre-selected meal service, please book your quality meal that we have prepared for you before departure.

1. If passengers need to travel with pets, please contact with our Reservation Office in advance, and refer to Special regulation on checked pet acceptance in order to confirm the carriage terms. The pets that can be carried are included domesticated cats, dogs, birds (some countries suspend to accept), or the guide dogs of disabled passengers. Some countries have special provisions, and pets have to be transported as goods carriage.
2. Except for seeing-eyes dog, hearing dogs, services dogs, any other pets need to be placed properly in the container and to be checked and placed in cargo hold. The pets and their containers should be charged as excess baggage based on their weight and quantity. Our company’s B738 and ERJ aircraft type currently do not accept pet carriage due to the consideration of temperature controlling module in the cargo hold. If your pets need to be carried as checked baggage, we will require you to sign on the tag that is attached to the container, as well as require you to sign the Release and Indemnity form.
3. If disabled passengers travel with seeing-eye dogs, hearing dogs, or service dogs, baggage fees will not be charged. The dog can accompany its master into the cabin but cannot occupy a seat, as well as cannot be seated in a location that would block the emergency escape routes.
4. Since different countries have different regulations on animal's import and export, therefore, passengers need to understand their regulations before departure. Please prepare the pet’s health certificate, quarantine certificate, as well as the export and import permits of the transit and destination countries of your trip. If your pet is subjected to quarantine, the master shall be responsible for all of the relevant expenses. The length of the quarantine period may vary according to the provisions of your destination city's Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Please ensure that you have already prepared the following documents for your pet:
(1) Valid import/export permits issued from the relevant governments of your destination/transit countries.
(2) Valid entry/transit permits, health certificate and vaccination certificate that are required by the destination/transit countries.
(3) Any additional or special documents that may be required by the government of your destination/transit countries.
5. Passengers and their pets shall check-in at the airport at least 2 hours before departure in order to give the airport staff sufficient time to make proper arrangements.