• Check-in Requirements
Checking in for your flight

Please ensure that you have plenty of time to complete check-in and necessary security, immigration and/or customs formalities.

Hours of operation for China Airlines check-in counters and the time required for pre-boarding procedures vary from airport to airport. In general, we recommend that you check in 2 hours before the scheduled departure time, but you may need 3 hours or even more for some busy airports with strict procedures such as those in the U.S.

For passengers who have special needs or considerations, e.g. unaccompanied minors, disabled, deaf, blind, travelling with blocked seat cabin baggage, wheelchair users and so on., we recommend that they check in at least 2 hours before scheduled departure time to allow us enough time to handle their needs.

It is very important that you check-in on time because your reserved seat could be released and you could be denied boarding if you are late.
What do I need for check-in ?
*. Flight Ticket
Use of the flight ticket must be in accordance with China Airlines requirements. Your ticket will be void if it is mutilated or has been altered by anyone other than China Airlines or an agent authorized by China Airlines. Because fares vary by season, area and other factors, please verify that your booking corresponds with your ticket to avoid paying a fare difference.
Travel Documents

A passport is required for travel,and we remind you that some countries require a minimum passport validity for a certain period after your departure date.

Visa and other requirements for entry to your destination vary from country to country; please note that failure to comply with regulations or prepare proper travel documents could result in boarding refusal or deportation.

China Airlines will not assume any responsiblity for failure to have the proper travel documents.
Checked and Carry-on Baggage

Please be sure to put identification tags or labels on your baggage, China Airlines will give you name tags to be filled out in English and attached to your baggage while you check-in. Most important, ensure that you carry medication, travel documents, and valuables in your carry-on baggage.

Before you travel, please refer to your ticket for your Free Checked Baggage Allowance. An excess Baggage Charge will be collected if your checked baggage exceeds the allowance. Your free carry-on items are restricted in quantity, size and weight and must comply with security, flight safety and cabin size. Please note that security, customs or other officials may examine your baggage.

After check-in, we recommend that you :
Check your boarding pass to make sure it is correct, including name, flight, destination and other details.
Verify that your checked baggage has been tagged to the correct destination and that you have the correct receipt(s).
Confirm that all of your travel documents and your ticket for onward and return flights, have been returned to you.
Have enough time to complete necessary formalities, such as security, immigration, and so on.
Go to your boarding gate at least 20 minutes before your scheduled departure time so that you can board the aircraft with ease.
  • Boarding/Transfer/Transit/Arrival
Things you need to know for boarding :
Please arrive at the boarding gate at the time shown on your boarding pass. If you are late, you may not be able to board the flight. We recommend that you arrive at your departure gate at least 20 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

Please board your flight in compliance with our pre-boarding announcement. Passengers traveling with infants/children, seniors and others who need more time to board, including passengers needing wheelchair service, have boarding priority. After that, the boarding sequence will be First class passengers, Paragon members, Emerald members , SkyTeam Elite Plus members, Business class passengers, Gold members, Corporate members, SkyTeam Elite members and Economy Class passengers.

China Airlines will inspect your carry-on baggage to ensure that it meets flight safety regulations. If your carry-on baggage is overweight or oversized, it will be checked and carried in the cargo hold. In addition, excess baggage charges will be collected if the cabin baggage exceeds your free checked baggage allowance.

May we remind you that mobile phones must be switched off when the cabin doors are closed for departure and must not be turned on again until the aircraft is parked and the cabin doors have been opened.
Regarding Your Onward Connections

If you need assistance during transit, please contact our ground agents.

Your checked baggage can usually be tagged and checked through to your final destination provided that your onward flight is confirmed. Please note that some countries, such as the U.S., require you to declare your baggage during transfer/transit at your first arrival point within its territory.

If you are connecting on a China Airlines flight, your baggage will usually be checked through to your final destination, and you will receive a boarding pass for your onward connection.
Regarding Your Arrival

Ensure that your passport and visa are ready for your arrival, and please comply with the local customs and quarantine regulations.

If you need assistance upon your arrival, please contact our ground agents.