Delight in Sleekness and Ease

Experience the new generation of sleek cabin craftsmanship!

  • Radiant lighting for a cheerful atmosphere;
  • Expanded storage for easier carry-on access;
  • On-board wheelchairs and oversized handicapped restrooms create a friendly and barrier-free environment to make each passenger feel especially welcome.
  • Switch on Fantasy Sky's LCD screen
    All cabin personalized AVOD
    I n-flight entertainment system

Gracious Cabin Appointments Add Touches of Warmth

  • Cheery, spacious cabin environment promotes relaxation.
  • Expanded storage space for unrestrained carry-on access.
  • Multi-phase cabin lighting establishes a warm atmosphere.
  • Modern lavatory design and brand new materials provide you all-around services.
The Never-ending In-flight World of Fantasy Sky
  • The personal Audio Video on Demand (AVOD) in-flight entertainment system offers a multitude of top-flight entertainment selections to accompany you straight to your destination.
  • Fantasy Sky's personal touch-sensitive LCD screens let each passenger choose freely from a full array of movies, short features, music CDs, and news.
  • On-line games are like an exciting arcade in the sky.
  • Pause or rewind the program at your fingertips.
  • Immerse yourself in the brilliant world of the Fantasy Sky in-flight entertainment system.