Welcome to CAL Park! China Airlines new headquarters is now located at NO.1, HangZhan S. Rd., DayuanTownship, Taoyuan County 33758, Taiwan (R.O.C). For inquiries, please call 886-3-399-8888.

Driving :

From Taipei City:

Freeway No.1→Airport Expressway (Freeway No. 2)→Turn left when seeing “CAL Park ” sign board→Novotel→CAL Park

From Taoyuan International Airport:
Taoyuan International Airport→Airport Expressway (Freeway No. 2)→Turn left when seeing “CAL Park”sign board→CAL Park

Visitors’ Reception:
All visitors are invited to Reception Desk at 1F of Administration Center for Visitors’ Temporary Pass.

Public Transportation :

Taking Free Airport Shuttle Bus (Orange Bus) to CAL Park.(Please refer to the airport service counter in Terminal 1 or 2 for location of bus stops)