Greater China Join Promotion
China Airlines becomes the 15th member airlines of SkyTeam on September 28th, 2011. The SkyTeam member airlines fly to cities in over 178 countries with more than 1000 destinations. Being a member of SkyTeam gives China Airlines frequent flyers even more benefits. The SkyTeam airline network offers outstanding connections to many destinations worldwide. What’s more, you can rely on the same high level of service from all partners.
Here are some samplings of SkyTeam benefits:
1.More Miles
Passengers may earn miles for their traveling on the flights operated by any SkyTeam partners. (exceptions based on the route and class of ticket purchased. For more detailed information please click here.) Mileage earned from all SkyTeam member carriers can be counted toward award redemption as well as DFP membership advancement (Elite qualification miles).
2.More lounges
Passengers may access to more than 564 SkyTeam member lounges worldwide.
3.Guaranteed reservations
Full-fare Economy Class reservations made 24 hours before departure by DFP Paragon and Emerald members are guaranteed.
4.More flights, more fares
SkyTeam members offer more than 1000 destinations worldwide. In addition to all classes of fares from Economy to First, SkyTeam partners offer several travel passes for you to travel around the world or explore a continent in depth.
Go Round the World (Passenger may also CLICK HERE to plan your own round-the-world trip.)
Go Africa , Go Asia and South West Pacific , Go Europe , Go Greater China , Go Russia
For more information, please contact China Airlines Customer Service Call Center, Local Sales/Ticketing offices near you, or your travel consultant.
5.Easy connections
Make convenient connections to many more destinations worldwide.
6.Enhanced check-in procedures, single check-in for connecting flights
Save time with SkyTeam streamlined check-in procedure. Check in only once when connecting to flights with other SkyTeam partners.
7.Standardized level of quality
Enjoy the same high level of quality on all SkyTeam partners.
8.Extensive reservation network
For information and reservations, you may access SkyTeam ticket offices worldwide, or visit the SkyTeam partners' websites. Worldwide passengers can go to any of the SkyTeam partners for assistance. Find more information at
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Enjoy more benefits with China Airlines' frequent flyer program! Become a Dynasty Flyer member.