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  Continuous improvement
takes you to the spacious sky

For decades, China Airlines has derived its strength from the concerted effort of all of its staff. Teamwork is the key, and that is born from the synergy of every action of every employee. From its highly experienced engineers and technicians, to its warm and friendly inflight and ground personnel, to its corporate managers and human resources professionals.

China Airlines: Worldwide fleet
  With its eye set on the distant horizon, China Airlines is forging ahead by expanding its route network for passenger and cargo services.
China Airlines has grown rapidly since it launched in 1959 with just two amphibious airplanes. Today its fleet has grown to include more than 50 Boeing and Airbus aircraft. By the year 2003, China Airlines will operate 80 aircraft, the majority of them newly purchased. This will be one of the industry's youngest fleets, rivaling those of any of the world's major ailrines. Meanwhile, China Airlines is expanding its routes to 50 cities in 25 countries around the world.
To provide the best possible service, China Airlines has signed interline agreements with more than 100 airlines around the world. Included are major airlines in mainland China, making possible "one ticket" check-in for passengers traveling from Taiwan to mainland China, and vice versa.
China Airlines Cargo: By air, land and sea
  China Airlines delivers cargo to destinations around the world. Ranked among the world's top 10 air cargo companies, China Airlines boasts a fleet of modern freighters, supplemented by the cargo capacity of its passenger aircraft, allowing it to command a highly competitive position in the marketplace.
China Airlines' cargo network spans air, land and sea through agreements with more than 100 air and marine shipping companies. It has large-scale warehouses in New York, Los Angeles and Luxemburg connected to a trucking network covering the US and Europe. Operations in North America, Europe and Asia are also supported by an investment in Global Sky Express, Ltd. Today China Airlines offers a full range of integrated services including shipping, cargo handling and customs clearance.
With computerized customs clearance systems both at home and abroad, China Airlines' service is fast and reliable. Further, a 24-hour telephone reporting and an Internet tracing systems allow customers to check the status of their shipment at any time.
Passenger service: Always from the heart
  On board China Airlines, passengers will discover the most comfortable and convenient service possible. That is because China Airlines is on the constant look out for the new product innovations, such as its Airplane Real-time Information Display System, Dynasty Inflight Entertainment System, Dynasty Air Phone, Dynasty Boutique Mail Order, and so on. On the ground, passengers can also enjoy fast and efficient conveniences through China Airlines' automated handling. This level of service shows China Airlines' commitment to providing passengers with the utmost in service.
These hight standards apply as well to the planning of inflight meals. China Airlines prides itself in offering world-class cuisine designed by its professional chefs.
Its award-winning menu is changed frequentlhy to match routes and seasons. Recently, China Airlines co-founded the China Pacific Catering Services, Ltd. in order to carry this tradition of fine service long into the future.
Training: Quality and quantity count
  Maintaining a highly skilled and specialized staff requires a long-term commitment to training. For years, China Airlines has provided regularly scheduled programs to guarantee that all personnel are knowledgeable and skilled.
In training its pilots, China Airlines has spared no effort. Recruits attend international aeronautic institutes, While in-house coursework features the best tools available, including a dedicated student fleet and flight simulators. As a result, pilots receive the most complete and up-to-date training possible. After earning their wings, pilots also undergo frequent review sessions and re-testing, assuring that our fleet has the best pilots in the skies.
To train its cabin crews, China Airlines relies on a core of seasoned veterans who help newcomers master all they need to know to provide superior inflight service. Coursework is organized by the Inflight Service Training Center and reinforced by the most modern equipment available.
As it rapidly expands its fleet, China Airlines realizes the need to train and retrain its engineers and technicians by offering regularly scheduled coursework and by participation in training programs offered by international organizations. China Airlines is determined to give all its staff -- no matter where they work around the globe -- the best possible training.
Maintenance: Even the best is never enough
  Flight safety is the top priority of China Airlines' Engineering and Maintenance Division and its network of 2,000 staff around the globe. It has a 2-bay and a 3-bay international standard maintenance hangars. These are the most advanced facilities in Asia, positioning China Airlines as a regional leader in aircraft maintenance services.
Owing to its investment in state-of-the-art maintenance facilities, China Airlines meets the highest industry standards. It has received accreditations from the US Federal Aviation Administration and the European Joint Aviation Authorities, as well as an ISO-9002 certification. At home, it earned the National Laboratory accreditation certificate. These demonstrate China Airlines' commitment to maintenance standards.
With its broad base of technical expertise, China Airlines is able to maintain a wide range of jet and propeller aircraft and is licensed to perform A-, B-, C- and even the most difficult D- class repairs. Its capabilities include the maintenance of 85 different types of aircraft components, as well as section 41 structural modification, pylon modification and other highly technical operations. Not only is China Airlines self-sufficient in most engineering tasks, but it also provides these services to a host of international airlines.
Entering the Information Age
  Information plays a crucial role in the management of a company. That is why China Airlines is using its expertise to automate company offices and to build global information networks. Information must be instantly avail-able for China Airlines to serve its customers. In step with the times, China Airlines has posted a Web Site on the Internet, making it possible for customers to learn more about the company, its products and services. Information is also the key ingredient of corporate communications. China Airlines reaches the public through a variety of media and other promotional vehicles. For passengers aloft, it publishes the widely appreciated Dynasty Magazine. To foster internal communications, it circulates The Monthly Newsletter which serves as a medium for the exchange of ideas between management and employees, thus promoting company spirit.
Subsidiaries: Investing in the future
  China Airlines is always on the look out for ways to broaden its commercial horizons. In 1993, it became the first of Taiwan's airlines to list on the stock exchange. The concerted effort made by all its staff is well relfected on its results. In 1996, China Airlines' operating revenues out-reached NT$50 billions, and are targeted in excess of NT$100 billions by the year 2003.
To assure long-term growth, China Airlines is investing in related industries. Included in its portfolio are many newly launched companies spanning the fields of civil aviation, airport ground handling, information management, and more. These investments have increased the scope and depth of China Airlines' business operations, assuring prosperity long into the future.
List of investments
Airline related
  Mandarin Airlines, Formosa Airlines, Far Eastern Air Transport, Asian Compressor Technology Services, China Pacific Catering Services, China Pacific Laundry Services, Global Sky Express
Airport ground handling
  Taoyuan International Airport Services, Taiwan Airport Service Compnay, Jardine Air Terminal Services
Information services
  Abacus Distribution Systems, Mandarin Network Co., Trade-Van Information Service
  CAL-Dynasty International Inc., CAL-Asia Investment Inc., Hwa Sheng Investment Co. Ltd., Dynasty Holidays, Inc., etc.