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Auckland, the City of Sails
Auckland is the largest city on the North Island of New Zealand. Prior to 1865, it was also the capital on New Zealand, an industrial and commercial center, and a sister city of Taichung. Auckland has the nation's highest population, and for three consecutive years, it has been listed among the world's top 3 most livable cities. The long and narrow bay is perfect for all sorts of water activities. Every summer, sails of all different sizes and colors can be seen on the water, and that is why Auckland is also known as the City of Sails.
The climate is mild and rainy year round, with four distinct seasons, and the temperature ranges from 6 to 28°C for the year. The best time to visit Auckland is between December and March, which is their summer season. The peak temperature usually doesn't exceed 30°C, but the temperature difference from night to day is pretty big, so bring a jacket when you go out at night. Auckland was already inhabited by the Māori as early as 1350. In 1840, the first group of European settlers arrived. In 1841, Captain William Hobson declared Auckland as the capital of New Zealand, which remained in effect until 1865. The city's pace of growth has never slowed, however. During the beginning of the 20th century, Auckland began to develop its light rail and railroad networks, highways, and roads. With over 1,000 square kilometers of area and a sparse population, developing public transportation systems in Auckland proved to be challenging. The entire city is divided into the northern and southern regions. There are over 100 parks, with greenery everywhere. The city's street views consist of modern high-rises interspersed with classical Victorian architecture; with the bay as a backdrop, the amazing scenery will make you speechless.
The Sky Tower is one of Auckland's famous landmarks as well as a popular tourist destination. In the outskirts, well-known attractions include Mission Bay and Mount Eden, a dormant volcano, which are great destinations for outdoor enthusiasts. Of course, a city with booming commercial activity is also a shopper's paradise. Auckland is usually the first stop for people visiting New Zealand, and people are always amazed by the harmonious coexistence between nature and the city. This unique city's charms are waiting for you to come discover them.



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